Is Mac Good For Sketchup in 2022?

A 3D modelling program is used for a wide range of design applications such as civil engineering, architectural and even video game development.

Most personal computers would run Sketchup with ease, as the barrier to entry is quite low.

Let’s be honest, you came here to know if a Mac is good for SketchUp, and we are gonna answer your question in this article.

Can You Install SketchUp on MacBook?

Yes, Sketchup has listed Macintosh operating system as supported on their website, and it’s free.

The pro version comes with an additional cost but gives the user more access to features and capabilities.

Below is a step-by-step process of installing SketchUp.

  • Visit Sketchup website.
  • Select Mac installer, and download.
  • Run The setup and follow the prompts.

Which iMac is Best for SketchUp?

iMacs are powerful all-in-one PCs, which have been divided into 3 different models.

Base, Midrange and High-end. Base and mid-range have been fitted with M1 chips and whilst the High-end iMacs have an i9 chipset.

With a huge display like that of the iMac, a lot of content could be viewed at the same time, through the use of split-screen and other noteworthy features.

Is a MacBook Air Good for SketchUp?

MacBook air is going to run SketchUp just fine, and if your laptop has an i5 or i7 it would run even better since the intel integrated graphics would have much higher performance, and more VRAM.

A well-specced MacBook Air would give you pretty good FPS when running SketchUp, and this means reduced lag.

Which laptop is good for SketchUp?

Any Kind of laptop that meets the system requirements of Sketchup would work perfectly as expected.

How do I use SketchUp on my Macbook Pro?

You can use Sketchup on your Macbook if you have the application installed already.

Is Mac or PC better for SketchUp?

Both Mac and PC are fantastic options for SketchUp and would work perfectly if the said device meets the requirements specifications to run the application.

As an individual, it boils down to your preference, and in most decisions such as these, you pick the option which works best for you.

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