PC vs Mobile Roblox: Which is Better to Play on in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

Roblox is a cross-platform game but which device is best to play Roblox on?

Is it better to play Roblox on mobile or PC? Each device has its advantages. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Device Is Best To Play Roblox On?

Currently, three devices are compatible with Roblox: PC/laptop, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile phones.

PC/laptop and Chromebooks are the best devices to play Roblox on because it provides the greatest immersion, has more controls, and can run Roblox well out of all four.

Chromebooks might struggle to run Roblox smoothly depending on the hardware specifications.

Next, are the tablets: Android, iPads, and Fire. The advantage tablets have over mobile phones is their large screen size.

Tablets may not be faster than PCs or Chromebooks but they are much better devices to play on compared to mobile phones.

Mobile phones come last out of the four. Their small screens and limited controls make the Roblox experience sub-par. They should be the last device to play on unless on the go.

Is Roblox PC And Mobile The Same?

No, Roblox PC and mobile are not the same. Here are a few differences between Roblox PC and mobile below:

UI (User Interface) & Immersion

Roblox PC has a different UI and feels more immersive than mobile Roblox. You have a larger screen, keyboard, and mouse making gameplay much more enjoyable than Roblox mobile.

Because touchscreen, touchscreen controls, and a small display are bad for immersion and everything feels so cramped.

That’s why virtual reality has the highest immersion because rather than looking at a small or large screen. Everything surrounds you.


The keyboard and mouse are always going to have a greater amount of controls and inputs than a touchscreen display on mobile.

System Requirements

The system requirements required to play Roblox on PC are different from mobile. PC has higher system requirements to run Roblox smoothly than mobile.

Is Mobile Good For Roblox?

Yes, provided the mobile phone meets the system requirements for Roblox. Then playing Roblox on a mobile phone isn’t bad. Just know you will be sacrificing immersion and controls.

Is It Better To Play Roblox On Mobile Or PC?

Playing Roblox on PC is always going to be better than mobile.

The level of immersion and smooth gameplay you get from PC gameplay is far better than mobile gameplay.

Moreover, having more controls thanks to the keyboard and mouse will allow you to get things done more quickly.

Final Thoughts

The only advantage Roblox mobile has over PC mobile is the fact that you can play from anywhere.

A PC limits you to one play and a laptop runs out of power quickly when playing games on battery.

However, this comes at a cost of limited controls, less immersion, and a small UI.

The good news is that you don’t have to be restricted to one device since it’s a cross-platform game.