Inkjet vs Laser For Cricut: Which Is Better in 2022?

Is inkjet or laser better for Cricut? Inkjets are the recommended printers for Cricut. But, why? Here’s everything you need to know and the reason why laser prints may or may not be good.

Is Inkjet Or Laser Better For Cricut?

Inkjet printers are better for Cricut. Because it doesn’t destroy the Cricut material when is being printed. Laser printers negatively charge the paper and high temperatures melt the toner for it to stick on the material.

The Cricut printable materials will cause the laser printer to reach very high temperatures destroying it in the process.

Inkjets, on the other hand, print the inks at room temperature thereby making them the preferred choice for Cricut printable materials.

Is Inkjet Or Laser Better For Crafts?

When it comes to art and design, inkjet printers will always beat laser printers. Inkjets always excel in art and design and produce better-looking work.

Because the ink used for printing is much closer to paints. Laser printers are great when printing lots of documents but for artwork.

Does Cricut Work With Inkjet?

Yes, Cricut works with inkjet and it’s the recommended printer to use for Cricut.

Can I Use A Laser Printer For Cricut?

No, you can’t use a laser printer for Cricut.

You will destroy your Cricut printable materials and printer when making crafts. Inkjet printers are the recommended printers for Cricut.

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What Printer Brand Is Best To Use With Cricut?

Inkjet printers by Canon, HP, and Epson are the best recommended for Cricut.

Final Thoughts

The reasons mentioned above make inkjets superior to laser printers when it comes to Cricut. The high temperatures that laser printers reach are the cause of problems when printing Cricut materials.

Save yourself time, money, and disappointments by avoiding laser printers for Cricut purposes.

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