Is Having A Plex Server Worth it in 2022?

Plex is a digital media server that grants access to pictures, movies, music over the air through the use of network-attached storage.

In order to access such content, one needs to own a device that supports the Plex application, which is available on almost all kinds of devices.

Plex is a wonderful method to access content from anywhere. In this article, we would go through the pros and cons, so we determine if having a plex server is worth it.

How Does Plex Work?

You must first install a Plex media server onto a system using a compatible operating system such as Windows, Linux or macOS.

From there you must download the Plex server package, to configure your network attached storage.

When you successfully configure your media folder, the server is prepped for client connection through the application, and you are ready to stream content.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Plex Server


  • Maturity. Its age has allowed support for more platforms such as windows, linux, mac os and even android and ios.
  • Plex provides a Netflix experience by saving your progress. basically, it means wherever you got to in a movie or audio, plex continues right where you left off.
  • You control content. You have the power to decide the kind of media server you would run. Whether is music centred, or a place for photographic content to be viewed.


  • Plex premium can get expensive

Is Plex Pass Worth It?

Plex pass is the premium service offered to individuals who need more features. With monthly, annual and lifetime packages available.

The feature would need would determine the package you should subscribe for.

Plex pass comes with features such as HDR tone mapping, Quick resume, Skip Intro, Downloadable content, Tracking Server statistics with plex dash.

With the features plex offers you, it’s safe to say it’s definately worth it, especially if you upload your own content.

Can I Get In Trouble For Hosting A Plex Server?

It depends. If you are streaming content from Plex’s server, or content uploaded were produced and acquired legally.

Plex does not operate as a P2P service, and so there’s a very little negative impact on illegally acquired content. But the legality of Plex is all captured in the licensing agreement.

If you are going to be uploading pirated media, it’s important to read the disclaimer and the licensing agreement before doing anythig rash.

Final Thoughts

Plex is an interesting service, where people are able to view server-side content and client-side content.

If you are an individual that is interested in streaming services, you can upload your own content and view OTA. Plex is an amazing platform that has great features to offer everyone.

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