Is Gaming Laptop Good For SolidWorks in 2022?

Just like the Desktop counterparts, a SolidWorks laptop needs the big three;

  • Lots of RAM
  • Powerful CPU
  • Certified graphics card

Luckily, some laptops have the perfect specs for SolidWorks or any other software like Autodesk or Tinkercad.

Which Laptop Brand Is Best For SOLIDWORKS?

There are many laptop brands out there, some of which manufacture laptops for CAD use. The best brands are: Dell, Lenovo, MSI and even Asus have options for computer-aided design professionals.

AMD and Nvidia produce mobile versions of their desktop certified cards, for those who wish to do professional CAD work on the go.

AMD however have most of their certified GPUs in the midrange category, which means that the laptops are affordable for College/University students.

Nvidia Quadro ranges from low to high-end cards catering to all kinds of environments (beginner, school and professional).

The high-end NVIDIA Quadro cards are expensive and this makes the overall price of the laptop much expensive. These cards are meant for high-res workloads in 1440P and 4K respectively.

Can You Run SOLIDWORKS on a Gaming laptop?

Yes, you can run SolidWorks on a gaming laptop. However, you will get much better performance from a workstation laptop.

Because even though the CPU and RAM meet SolidWorks system requirements. The GPU doesn’t fall in the certified graphics card list provided.

This will cause you to experience stability issues and long rendering times when models get more complex, detailed and large.

What Laptops Can Run SOLIDWORKS Well?

Laptops that have high-performance CPU, RAM and a powerful certified graphics card can run SolidWorks well. In short, laptops meet the minimum system requirements for below. If you are finding it difficult to choose a laptop for SolidWorks. You can read our best-of list guide for SolidWorks.

3.3 GHz or higher
16 GB or more
PDM Contributor/Viewer or Electrical Schematic: 8 GB or more
SSD drives recommended for optimal performance

Does SOLIDWORKS Work On Laptops?

SolidWorks is a demanding design software, and it’s more apparent when handling complex models and large assemblies of data.  

SolidWorks would function on any laptop, but because of its processor and GPU heavy loads.

You might experience some performance problems thereby requiring you to get a powerful laptop to enable you to work without any glitches.


The minimum requirement for RAM on the SolidWorks website is listed as 16GB. This makes it enough for any type of render or design work.

But you should take note, assemblies smaller than 100 parts would run without a hiccup, but as these get larger, they can consume your RAM.

Using the rendering tool could also Slow down functions, depending on the model. Keep these all in mind when looking for a SolidWorks PC.

Is Core i5 Good For SOLIDWORKS?

When handling parametric modelling, it is good to have a fast CPU. But when it comes to rendering and simulation which uses more cores, an i5 would work, but it would definitely take longer than usual.

If you do not want to be waiting long hours for a render or a simulation, you can consider upgrading to an i7, or an i9.

However, if you are in college/university and you wish to run SolidWorks, keep in mind that your models should be simpler, and assemblies should be kept small.

Final Thoughts

As a professional or student, having a laptop that supports SolidWorks for use on the -go, is a very good thing.

Because you do not want to be stuck relying on the desktop workstation at all times, especially if you have to be out of town.

This article helps individuals solve their issues concerning SolidWorks PCs. We hope this article helped you.

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