Is Eluktronics A Good Brand in 2024?

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OK, so you are shopping for a new gaming laptop and you come across a gaming laptop called Eluktronics.

You raise your eyebrow and mildly surprised that a laptop you have never heard before has a lot of positive reviews.

You then check it out and quickly realise that compared to the competition their prices are affordable and a bargain.

You are also ecstatic that they allow you to choose your hardware components. Most laptop manufacturers don’t do this.

But you still can’t help to wonder if Eluktronics is a laptop brand you can trust.

In this article, we talk about why Eluktronics is a good laptop brand and why their laptops are high quality.

Who Are Eluktronics And What Do They Make?

Eluktronics is a growing company that makes laptops. Their aim is to provide quality products to the everyday user.

They make gaming/high-performance laptops, everyday laptops, entertainment laptops, business laptops and student laptops.

That shows how serious they are in catering to the different needs of people.

Their laptops are pretty popular and have received a lot of positive reviews from those have bought them meaning they are doing something right.

Eluktronics differentiate itself from the competition by allowing you to customize the hardware to your liking. Something not commonly seen with other gaming laptops.

Their laptops are of good quality whilst also being the cheapest gaming laptops on the market.

With today’s technology, it’s perplexing that a conventional 5400RPM hard drive is still the industry standard for handling your operating and primary system files. It’s equivalent to purchasing a performance car with a 4 cylinder engine under the hood. Let us install the American V8 muscle your next PC deserves! They always say it’s tough to find a good mechanic, well we guarantee you’ve found yours here at Eluktronics!


How Reliable Are Their Laptops In Terms Of Build Quality?

Eluktronics laptops are barebones builds. Barebones laptop builds are laptops that have the minimum components.

You can then customize it to your liking by assembling the parts which you would do on Eluktronics website or Amazon. Eluktronics use Tongfang and Clevo chassis or their laptop builds.

In addition, to be being barebones when sold to other companies they have solid build quality. Made of aluminium and poly plastic materials.

They are fairly light and has little to no flex. The combination of the materials and little flex gives it a compact body.

In short, the build quality is above average. Eluktronics certainly delivers when it comes to build quality. The design of the laptop is sleek and low-profile. It doesn’t stand out too much like other gaming laptops.


Eluktronics laptops are a beast in overall performance and gaming. Their laptops employ the use of Intel’s latest processors to power their laptops.

The graphics cards also belong to NVIDIA’s GTX and RTX families with the lowest being the GTX 1050. Customizing the laptop to the highest settings will allow you to run the latest AAA title games on the highest settings.

Eluktronics Review

Some models also allow you to upgrade its RAM to up to 64GB. This laptop doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance.

Operating System

Eluktronics claim that their laptop comes with no Windows bloatware. And this is true. Most laptop manufacturers include apps that are of no use most of the time.

No need to worry about removing bloatware because the laptop is clean. The laptop comes with a fresh installation of Windows. Nothing more, nothing less.

Battery Life

Just like with every gaming laptops the laptops from Eluktronics gaming/high-performance product line do not have the best battery life.

They have an average battery life of 3-4 hours under normal usage and even less when you are gaming on battery power.

Some models allow you to upgrade its battery capacity but at the cost of secondary storage.

Thermals/Cooling System

Having good thermals is what every enthusiast gamer worries about. The cooling system of Eluktronics gaming laptops is good. The cooling fans are 2 – 4 depending on what model it is.

Also, there is a button dedicated to increasing the speed of the fans resulting in better cooling and lower temperatures under intense gaming.

The downside is that when you crank up the speed of the laptops it starts to make a lot of noise.

One thing that also sets Eluktronics apart from others is that you can choose if you want a standard thermal paste solution or a high-performance thermal paste.

Most users do not know how to apply thermal paste properly and Eluktronics doing it for you is a great thing.

Thermal paste greatly helps with cooling allowing your laptop to run on high performance without the risk of thermal throttling or damage to the hardware.


The displays are IPS anti-glare with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The refresh rates range from 60Hz – 165Hz and 144Hz is the most common refresh rate.

The higher the refresh rate the better the gameplay experience. There is no screen tearing and stuttering. Just smooth gameplay and the ability to max out FPS to 144.

The colour accuracy, colour gamut, saturation and contrast are all average even though it is an IPS screen.

That is because their displays are 72% NTSC. The brightness is at a level of 300 nits which is bright enough.

Warranty And Customer Service

Eluktronics provide a 1-year, 2-year and 3-year warranty for their laptops. There is also a No Deal Pixel Guarantee.

This basically is the warranty for dead pixels found on the laptop’s display. It doesn’t cover cracked, damaged or broken laptop displays.

Since Eluktronics is a small business the customer support is solid. They respond very fast, are helpful and honest in dealing with your problems concerning your laptop.

The company really does care about their customers since taking bad care of them will result in bad business for them.

Should I Buy An Eluktronics Laptop?

Yes. Eluktronics is a solid company that produces high-quality laptops for gamers and everyday users. The downsides of their laptops are their speaker which could have been better and the battery life.

The poor battery life is something plagues a lot of gaming laptops except the Gigabyte Aero 15x. And there is also a customizable feature that allows you to get the mechanical keyboard.

Eluktronics Max
Eluktronics Max

If you really enjoy tactile feedback of mechanical keyboards you shouldn’t skip this feature.

With all the positive reviews coming from owning an Eluktronics laptop it is safe to say that it is a trustworthy company to purchase a laptop or gaming laptop from.

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