Is Digital Note-Taking Worth It in 2022?

Digital note-taking is much more worth it than people realise. There are many benefits which come with taking notes through an electronic medium, and that does not mean the traditional method of taking notes is outdated.

If you are a student, journalist, or secretary, or you journal frequently, and you want to know if digital note taking is worth it, this article is for you.

Is It Better To Take Notes By Hand Or Laptop?

Below are reasons why taking notes by hand is better.

  • handwritten notes improve memory retention.
  • Selective note taking allows for the most important information being jotted down.

The following are also reasons why laptop notes are better

  • Taking notes is faster
  • Better organization
  • Laptop notes last much longer than notes written in a book

Can You Take Handwritten Notes On A Laptop?

Yes, handwritten notes could be taken on a laptop but there is an extra requirement; it has to be a touch-screen enabled device.

If you already own a touch-screen laptop, there are applications which support such a feature, through the use of a pen. If you do not have a pen your fingers could also work.

Let’s say you’re an owner of a laptop that does not have a touch screen, and you want to take handwritten notes, it is not possible, and buying a touch-screen laptop just for note taking is not a wise decision.

However, the best apps to take handwritten notes on a laptop are:

  • Microsoft One Note
  • Windows Sticky Notes
  • Google Keep

These apps could be downloaded for free although One Note has a premium subscription for extra features.

Is Digital Note-Taking Better?

Here are some few advantages of taking digital notes.

  • With Digital notes, you cannot misplace pages of your books.
  • Digital notes can be backed up in cloud storages or your personal external storage device.
  • Digital notes improves organisation, and information query is much more efficient.
  • Digital note taking is much faster process.

With all these advantages, some might say its better. Below are the Cons of digitally taking notes.

  • Verbatim
  • Possible Distractions
  • Low retention

Digital Notes vs Paper Notes

Ever since the introduction of the modern PC and the smart-phone in our daily lives, there has been a debate on which method of compiling notes is more effective for learning, memory and longevity.

With paper notes, individuals have the maximum retention as compared to digital note keeping. As a result of jotting, text written by hand is much more personalised and in line with the individuals understanding.

This creates an effect of better recollection, as compared to digital note jotting.

When taking notes digitally, you are inclined to distractions of all kind. This goes for people who keep notes on devices such as smart-phones and laptops, instead of the digital notepads used for only writing down notes.

Paper notes is better in this regard because there are much less distractions.

Digital notes are far simpler to organize than paper notes which become bulky and cluttered when their many sheets and books.

Wrapping Up

we do not think it matters how notes are jotted, as long as individuals are able to use them effectively in whatever they do. We hope this article benefitted you.

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