Is CPU Or GPU More Important For SOLIDWORKS in 2022?

Both CPU and GPU are required for SolidWorks. Model building is a linear process, and as a result, a fast processor is required. Some processes use multiple cores in order to run efficiently.

With the video card, the OpenGL engine is used, especially for features such as RealView. A GPU loads the textures, shadows and other details in the model.

Each of these components has its use cases, which enable the efficient processing of workloads. In this article, we answer the question – is CPU or GPU more important for SolidWorks?


A certified video card is much needed for SolidWorks. However, SolidWorks is a CPU and GPU heavy application, so therefore having both a faster CPU and GPU would provide overall better performance and faster rendering times for SolidWorks.

Does SOLIDWORKS Require A Good GPU?

Yes. A good GPU can render far more complex models much faster. Apart from using a good video card, you need a graphics card with larger onboard memory, which helps textures load much quicker.

Is CPU Important For SOLIDWORKS?

Yes. When you are rendering and simulating with SolidWorks, it requires more cores. And when you are designing and modelling, the faster the processor speed the better.

So, in short, a CPU is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to run SolidWorks without any performance problems.

Is i5 Good for SOLIDWORKS?

It is good to have a fast CPU. But when it comes to rendering and simulation which uses more cores, an i5 would work, but it would definitely take longer than usual.

If you are in college/university and you wish to run SolidWorks, keep in mind that your models should be simple, and assemblies should be kept small.

How Do I Optimize My Computer For SOLIDWORKS?

There are many ways of improving the performance of your SolidWorks application, but we would go through just a few.

  • Run SolidWorks under optimal settings. Turning of transparency, and reducing quality settings which consume a lot of performance.
  • Reduce image quality and switch off RealView graphics.
  • Disable unused add-ins within SolidWorks.
  • Use Solid State Drives.
  • Install Enough RAM.


There are two versions of RTX cards in the market. RTX Quadro and the standard models used for gaming.

The Quadro are workstation cards, which run SolidWorks with ease. They are built with the goal of working large amounts of data at a go and come with error-correcting code that guarantees performance stability over long periods of time.

Gaming RTX cards show lots of detail. However, when using CAD, reliability is often preferred and they don’t provide such reliability, especially when dealing with high detail, complex and large assemblies.

Is RTX 3050 Good For SOLIDWORKS?

CAD use cases are a little different from gaming graphics cards. In CAD, it is more about rendering, and being able to preview models and simulations.

A GPU such as the RTX 3050, is great for gaming and would surely run SolidWorks and other CAD software.

But, you should only consider this card if you are a student. Professionals should only use Quadro RTX cards since they are certified GPUs and provide much better performance and stability.

Is 2GB Graphics Card Enough For SOLIDWORKS?

SolidWorks lists 2GB dedicated as a prerequisite. So therefore when in search of a GPU to use in SolidWorks, keep in mind that 2GB is the bare minimum, and can max out pretty quick.

But it is definitely gonna work, for a low-end SolidWorks workstations.

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