Is CPU or GPU More Important For Game Development in 2022?

Are you planning to get into game development and design? Developing games can be a satisfying experience and can fetch you quite a sum of money if it becomes popular.

One of the most important questions asked when getting into game development – is CPU or GPU more important for game development? The short answer is they are both important. Here’s why.

Is CPU Important For Game Development?

Yes, the CPU is important for game development and design. Your CPU needs to be at least dual-core or be faster than 2.5Ghz in clock speed.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

The better specifications your CPU has in terms of faster clock speed and more cores. The more demanding games you can develop.

Do You Need GPU For Game Development?

Games are graphic intensive programs and trying to develop one without a GPU is going to leave you disappointed or not being able to develop the game at all. So yes, you need a GPU for game development.

Plus, the games you plan on developing are going to determine which GPU you want to get: budget, mid-range, or powerful.

Budget GPUs are great for 2D and 3D games that aren’t graphic intensive. Games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Dead Cells, and Hollow Knight.

Mid-range GPUs are great for developing 3D games with great graphics and a bit of realism to them.

Powerful GPUs are great for AAA title 3D games that look realistic and immersive. Crysis is a perfect example of such a game.

Not only do you require a powerful GPU. You also need a powerful CPU to run AAA title games smoothly.

What Graphics Card Do Game Developers Use?

This depends on the skill of the game developer and the type of game being developed.

The higher the skill of the game developer and the demanding the game the better or more powerful graphics card is needed.

Also, a game developer might be skilled but will decide to develop a 2D or not graphic intensive game.

In conclusion, graphics cards being used by game developers greatly depends on what game they plan on developing and their skill.

RTX 3080 OC
NVIDIA RTX 3080 OC (overclocked)

Is GPU or CPU More Important For Game Development?

Both are important for game development. Although you can make a game more CPU-intensive or vice versa.

Game development consumes a lot of hardware resources this makes having decent hardware paramount.

You don’t have to ignore one over the other. A decent GPU or CPU will take you a long way in developing games.

If you having trouble choosing which CPU for game development you can read this list. The same also applies to GPUs for game development.

Is Mac Good For Game Development?

It depends on the Mac you choose. MacBook Airs and the base model of MacBook Pros are not good for game development.

MacBook Pros with dedicated graphics cards are the recommended Macs for game development.

They have the necessary hardware: Intel Core i7-i9, 16GB RAM, and dedicated graphics to develop any type of game.

Can I Run Unity Without Graphics Card?

All PCs, laptops, and Macs have a graphics card. It’s impossible to use a computer without a graphics card because it’s responsible for handling graphics data and displaying information.

The answer to this question is no. You can’t run Unity without a graphics card. You need a graphics card to interact with the programs and OS.

We think the question is more of – can I run Unity with integrated graphics – which we answer below.

Can Unity Run With Integrated Graphics?

Yes, you can run Unity with integrated graphics. However, don’t expect the same level of performance as running Unity with a dedicated graphics card.

You have to set the quality settings to low and using the lowest poly models in developing a game in unity.

No matter what game you plan on developing you will be better off in getting a laptop or PC with a dedicated graphics card when running Unity.

Even Unity recommends GPUs with DX10, DX11 and DX12 only found in dedicated graphic cards.

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