Is 144Hz Monitor Good For Gaming in 2022?

144Hz monitors are popular in the gaming community. Higher refresh rates mean smoother gameplay.

But, is 144Hz monitor good for gaming?

In some cases they are and others not. Get to know whether owning a 144Hz monitor is for you or not.

Advantages of 144Hz Monitor

High refresh rate displays show more FPS. 144Hz monitors can display up to 144 FPS.

This eliminates ghosting, motion blur, screen tearing and suttering.

Visual distortions that negatively impact gaming experience.

High refresh rates are recommended in competitive online gaming because there won’t be visual distortions.

Gaming Monitor

And more frames shown in a second allow for faster reaction times.

Providing a competitive edge during gameplay.

NB: Refresh rate measured in Hertz (Hz) is the number of frames a monitor can display in a second.

Disadvantages of 144Hz Monitor

The price of a 144Hz monitor determines the quality.

There are three types of display panels: TN, IPS and VA.

144Hz TN displays are the cheapest but have the worst colour reproduction and limited viewing angles.

144Hz IPS displays are expensive but have the best colour reproduction and wide viewing angles.

144Hz VA displays fall between TN and IPS displays in terms of price, colour reproduction and viewing angles.

Is 144Hz Worth It For Casual Gaming?

75-120Hz monitors are worth it for casual gaming.

144Hz are better options for competitive online multiplayer games.

Does 144Hz Make A Difference?

Yes, 144Hz makes a difference when gaming.

High refresh rates eliminate ghosting, screen tearing and stuttering.

This makes gameplay enjoyable and smooth.

More frames are shown in a second resulting in better gaming experience.

60HZ vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Gaming

Can You Get More Than 144 FPS on 144Hz Monitor?

No, the maximum FPS a 144Hz monitor can display is 144Hz. To get more than 144 FPS on a 144Hz monitor.

You have to overclock your monitor or buy a 165Hz monitor or higher.

You can get 144 FPS or higher on a 144Hz monitor. A 144Hz monitor will display 144 FPS or lower.

Do All PC Games Support 144Hz?

Yes, all games support 144Hz. The issue is running the demanding games at 144 FPS.

Such games require a powerful computer set up to run at 144 FPS on a 144Hz monitor.

If you are looking for hardware to run games at 144Hz. You check out this guide for CPU GPU combos for 144Hz 1080p gaming.

Does 144Hz Affect or Increase FPS?

No, 144 Hz doesn’t affect FPS. Hardware, graphic settings and games affect FPS.

Demanding games played on high graphic settings might have low or high FPS depending on the hardware.

144Hz means your monitor can display frame rates up to 144 FPS.

How Do I Get 144 FPS On Gaming?

  • Lower the graphic settings and resolution.
  • Play games with low system requirements.
  • Upgrade your PC with better hardware.

For a more detailed guide read Can My PC Run 144 FPS and How To Get It Gaming?

Can You Run 240 FPS on a 144HZ Monitor?

Yes, 240 FPS can be run on a 144Hz monitor. But, your 144Hz monitor will display only 144 FPS leaving the remaining wasted.

Can a 144Hz Monitor Run 120 FPS?

144Hz monitor can run up to 144 FPS. This means you can run 120 FPS on a 144Hz monitor.

Do You Need a 144Hz Monitor For Console?

No, you don’t need a 144Hz monitor for console.

Playstations and Xbox consoles are capped either at 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

You won’t benefit from getting a 144Hz monitor. A high-resolution large screen monitor or TV is a better option.

Final Thoughts – Is 144Hz Good For Gaming?

144Hz monitors have the advantage of displaying up to 144 FPS. If you have a PC that’s able to consistently push out 144 FPS on most games.

Then a 144Hz monitor is great for gaming. The recommended panels for a 144Hz monitor are IPS and VA displays.

However, you need a decent amount of money to make the purchase. Consoles don’t benefit from 144Hz monitors because the games have a maximum of 30 or 60 FPS.

Large high resolutions displays are the best options for console gaming.

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