9 Things That Can Damage Your Laptop

Ever wondered what things can damage your laptop?

In this article, it will be made known to you the number of ways on how to damage your laptop.

And how to prevent it.

Not Cleaning Your Laptop Often

A dirty laptop causes a lot of problems and will lead to a premature death. Dust and dirt can cause overheating if your laptop are not regularly cleaned.

Laptops already have an inefficient cooling system. Dirt that becomes trapped inside increases the chances of your laptop overheating resulting in performance issues.

The dirt clogs ups the thermals and sits on the cooling fans preventing cool air from getting in or hot air from escaping.

CPUs do not like high temperatures and as time goes on overheating will shorten the lifespan of your laptop. In addition, having a dirty laptop is not a pretty sight.


Use wet wipes or sprinkle a little bit of water on a paper towel to get rid of dirt or dust on the surface of your laptop. Now for the insides because that’s where the real problem is.

Open your laptop by removing all the screws. If you can’t do it yourself, I suggest watching a YouTube video or taking it to a technician if you don’t want to void the warrant.

You can then proceed to disconnect the fans and clean them by using a blow dryer to get rid of any dirt or dust that can be found on them and in the vents.

Once done put everything back together. Clean once every six months.

Not Using Your Laptop On A Hard Surface

We are all guilty of this most of the time. Putting your laptop on a mushy soft surface. It can be your bed or sofa. This is not good.

Putting your laptop on those such surfaces blocks the vents located underneath and at the sides preventing fresh cool air from getting into your laptop. This leads to overheating.

As mentioned before high temperatures are not good for your laptop. I’m sure you have noticed that when watching a movie on your laptop on your bed it becomes hot.


Laptops have small round stands underneath them. When you put them on a hard surface they allow a small amount of space between the hard surface and bottom of the laptop.

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This allows cool air to easily get into and under the laptop. If you plan on using your laptop on a bed or sofa putting a book underneath will solve the problem.

Eating Food Close To Your Laptop

This habit is one that is hard to stop. Eating food close to your laptop when watching a good movie or trying to finish a project before the deadline. Food crumbs are the equivalent to dirt getting into the smallest spaces.

food crumbs
Don’t Eat These Delicious Cookies Close To Your Laptop

The build-up can mess up your hardware functions especially when it gets underneath your keyboard. Laptops are not waterproof and keeping beverages – coffee especially – or water close to it is setting yourself up for major damage.

There are few laptops that have waterproof keyboards but better to be safe than sorry.


Either you stop using the laptop whilst eating or make sure food is kept a reasonable distance away from the laptop. Same applies to beverages.

Not Using The Compatible Hardware Replacements

Once or twice in a laptop’s life, you might decide to take the performance of your laptop to the next level. Before you do so please properly research on the hardware’s compatibility with your laptop.

This will save you a lot of headaches when the upgrade part eventually comes. This especially applies to older laptops.

The hardware upgrade might fit all right but then you start getting errors, your computer randomly restarting or shutting down or can’t even boot up at all.


Always check what hardware your laptop uses especially when it comes to RAM and changing the hard drive. Do the proper research before purchasing the hardware.

Not Using A Laptop Bag When Travelling Or Moving Around

laptop bag
Every Laptop Feels Safe In A Laptop Bag

Laptop bags serve as protection for your laptop when moving around. Protects your laptops from scratches, bumps and spills. The edges of the laptop bag are also tough to make sure that your laptop to safe.


Get a laptop bag that is durable and allows you to easily fit your laptop and accessories in.

Handling Your Laptop Carelessly

Lifting your laptop by the display, holding it at awkward angles, slamming down the lid when closing it, etc. will slowly destroy your laptop. The display hinges will become weak and in some cases break.

When hinges break you increase the chances of a display malfunction happening since the wires connecting the display to the motherboard runs through the hinges. Slamming down the lid also weakens the hinge.

Not properly holding the laptop can let it slip out of hands and cause some parts to be broken. Worst case scenario your laptop won’t come power on again.


Don’t lift the laptop by the lid or the display. When closing the laptop slowly close the lid and make sure to hold or carry the laptop by the base.

Not Properly Shutting Down Your Laptop

Shutting down your laptop without properly doing so can cause some problems for the operating system. Powering down your laptop suddenly increases the risk of your data being corrupted.

During the shutting down your laptop goes through a series of processes in making sure everything is in order before it powers down. Important background processes may be happening which can be easily corrupted or damaged when the power goes off suddenly.

In addition, files or projects that you may be working on might also get corrupted.


Properly shut down your laptop by going to the start menu and using the Shut Down option. The only reason to suddenly shut down your laptop is when it’s frozen or not responding.

Apart from that, it is not a good idea to do so. Doing so will protect your data and overall make sure your operating system is in good health.

Installing Programs Without Reading The Instructions

Yes, installing new programs without reading the instructions can slowly kill your laptop. Most programs come with third-party software when you are installing them.

Clicking next through the installation without reading the info can install such software. You can unintentionally give full access to third-party software or malware on your laptop.

An example is the crypto mining software. The crypto mining software takes up large resources of your laptop’s hardware and software to mine cryptocurrency which it then sends back to the creator of the malware.


Always read the instruction when you are installing new software or program. Also, be careful of where you download programs. Download programs only from trusted sites. Don’t just install or download any program that catches your fancy.

Not Taking Care Of Your Charger And Charging Port

laptop charger
Take Care Of Your Laptop Charger

The charger is a part of the laptop. It is what gives your laptop juice when the battery runs down. Think of it as the spoon that feeds your laptop electricity.

Not taking care of it properly especially the charging port. Forcefully inserting the charging can weaken the pin or the port that allows electricity to flow through.

Twisting and turning the cable of the charger can break the wires inside preventing your laptop from charging. Accidentally dropping the charger brick can also damage the charger.


If you want the laptop to last a long time avoid the above actions mentioned. Always gently plug in your laptop charger. Don’t twist, turn or force it in. Make sure the charger wires are not twisted but rather fairly straight.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what these bad habits or cardinal sins that can lead to an early death or slow destruction of your laptop. You can actively take action to prevent this from happening and in turn make sure your laptop lives up to its fullest capabilities.

Countermeasures provided are maintenance tips that will help you achieve this and keep your laptop in good condition.

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