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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 03:41 pm

Why Building A Gaming Laptop Might Not Be A Good Idea

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Last updated on October 15th, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Just like building your own gaming PC is a thing. You can build your own gaming laptop. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It is hard but it can be done.

Yes, there are few people that want to learn on how to build a gaming laptop. But, most people are not ready to invest hours on researching and learning how to put the pieces together.

They just want something decent and already made to satisfy their gaming or computer needs. Furthermore, building a gaming laptop is harder than building a gaming PC.

There is a reason why building your own gaming laptop or laptop is not popular. In most cases, you are better off buying a pre-built laptop from popular brands.

Here’s what you need to know before building your own gaming laptop.

There is No One Size Fits All In The Laptop Industry

This would have been great if all laptop manufacturers made the same laptop parts. But, it’s just not possible.

For desktop, you can easily disconnect the CPU cooler and put it in another desktop. Because all the parts are the same. This doesn’t work for laptops.

There are a lot of reasons why they can’t do that. And these are the major reasons. Let’s get a bit deeper.


Getting a laptop chassis is not a problem. It’s the motherboard. Every laptop manufacturer has a certain specification they have to adhere to.

This means that motherboard shapes and sizes are going to differ. And it is going to affect the arrangement of things like batteries, cooling fans, storage, etc.

Motherboards Are Not The Same

This creates compatibility issues and prevents you from sourcing hardware parts from different vendors. There is no standardization of laptops parts. And so mix and match become impossible.

You need hardware that is compatible with the motherboard. To build the laptop from scratch. Even if you get a motherboard, what’s the guarantee that it will fit into the laptop chassis.

RAM Compatibility

Because motherboards are going to differ from each. Not every RAM will be compatible with it. You would be able to connect it but your laptop won’t detect it.

Cooling System

Cooling systems are important when it comes to making a laptop. Without them your laptop will run so hot, it will set on fire.

Even with the cooling systems, laptops still run at high-temperatures and thermal throttle. This is because of the small form factor it has preventing adequate airflow.

cooling fan
Cooling Fans Are Important In Controlling Temperatures

You can’t just grab any cooling fan to solve your thermal problems. You need one that fits into your chassis along with the motherboard. And has enough heat pipes to sufficiently cool the CPU and GPU.

If it’s an integrated GPU, then it will cool only the CPU. Open any laptop and you see the difference in placements of the cooling fans. Because of the different positions of the CPU and GPU.

Every laptop has a unique cooling solution. Plus your chassis should have vents for the expelled heat to escape. Because there is no standardization you will have a difficult time putting the parts together.

Why Can’t Every Laptop Manufacturers Make Standardized Parts?

Now, that’s a good question. It’s because there is no market for building your own laptop. If building your own laptop was a thing like building your own PC.

Then every manufacturer would be making standardized laptops parts with their logos on it. So unless this changes manufacturers won’t make standardized parts for laptops.

Should You Build a Gaming Laptop or Get A Gaming Laptop

Yes, it is possible to build your own gaming laptop. But you have to be willing to put the effort and time into building a gaming laptop. But, to be honest building a gaming laptop is not for everyone.

Most people rather want the finished product than to go through the headaches of building. Plus, it is a time sink and you will come across a lot of problems.

You have to source your own parts and check for compatibility. You must also have knowledge about the various parts. You can already see how building a laptop is going to be difficult.

So unless you plan to treat this as a hobby. You would be better off buying a laptop. If you still want to build your own gaming laptop.

Why Can’t You Build Your Own Laptop?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Clevo and Eurocom have all the needed parts. This saves you time on finding out whether this part is compatible with that or not. They also sell their own chassis.

Custom Built Laptop – Alternative To Building A Gaming Laptop

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own gaming laptop. Custom build laptops might interest you.

Companies that make custom built laptops allow you to choose your CPU, GPU, RAM storage drive and other essential parts of the laptop.

After choosing the parts, they are put together and the laptop shipped to you. This removes the hassle and eliminates the time sink of doing it yourself.

They allow you to make choices on the most important and essential parts of a gaming laptop. Clevo, Eluktronics and Sager allow you to do this.

Another name for custom built laptops is barebones laptops. Personally, I think it’s a much better option than building a gaming laptop from scratch.

How To Build A Gaming Laptop

If you absolutely still want to build a gaming laptop here are a few things you should know.

  • Building a gaming laptop is not going to be cheaper than buying a gaming laptop. It will only be cheaper if you use old parts. Plus, the true cost of building a gaming laptop is the time, effort and sweat you are going to put into it. Buying the parts are easy putting them together is the real challenge.
  • Do your research. You should obtain the required knowledge before planning to build a gaming laptop. Every part has its own part to play. They come in different sizes and shapes. Finding the right laptop chassis and motherboard is also important. If you want to make good use of the space and avoid running into compatibility issues. Researching what type of batteries you will be using also shouldn’t be left out. In short, you have to know everything about the laptop. From the insides to the outsides. The display, cables, RAM…. Everything.
  • Make sure you find all the specific compatible parts of the gaming laptop. If you are able to get them at one place the better. Sourcing different parts from different vendors will increase the chances of running into problems.
  • Learn about MXM graphics card. They are removable graphics card designed for gaming laptops. You can easily upgrade and are important when building a gaming laptop.
GPU Replacement On A Notebook
  • You become responsible for whatever happens. Buying pre-built laptops from manufacturers allow you to get support or warranties. When something goes wrong all you need to do is send the laptop back to them for a replacement or repair. Once you build your own gaming laptop you have no one to send your laptop to for repairs. You are solely responsible for fixing it.

Final Thoughts

Building a gaming laptop is as cool as it sounds. But the experience is far different from building a gaming PC.

Building gaming laptops is not a thing like building gaming PCs. That’s why manufacturers don’t make standardized laptop parts. Unless things change building your own laptop might not be a good idea.

It’s more of a niche thing. If you ever plan on building a gaming laptop. Always do the research before attempting it.

If you don’t know which laptop to choose you can start by looking at out pre-fire deals page or using our laptop finder.

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