How To Allocate More RAM to Steam Games in 2022

Are your Steam games running slow? You need RAM to store textures, models, and animations. You also need RAM to run AI scripts, render cut scenes, load level geometry, and so on.

If your CPU and GPU are decent. Your RAM might be the remaining component for good gaming performance. Here’s how to allocate more ram to steam games. 

How Much RAM Does Steam Allocate To Games?

Steam needs about 8 – 16GB RAM for games. 

How To Allocate More RAM to Steam Games in Windows

Here are 4 ways to allocate more RAM to Steam games.

Upgrade RAM

Increasing the amount of RAM your computer has will also increase the amount allocated to it. More RAM makes it easier for games to RAM smoothly. Upgrade your RAM to bigger sizes and more will be allocated when running the game.

Do It Through Task Manager

  • Open task manager by hitting CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
  • Click the Details tab.
  • Look for the Stardew Valley application program in the Details tab.
  • Right click > Set Priority > High.

Set Priority To High

Close Unnecessary Applications

Running applications consume RAM and quitting them frees up RAM. Always close unnecessary applications before running Stardew valley to free up more RAM for the game.

Increase Virtual Memory of Your PC or Laptop 

Our in-depth guide shows how to increase RAM without upgrading.

How to Allocate More Ram to Steam Games in Mac?

Turning Off Streaming Services

One way to allocate more RAM to Steam games is to turn off any streaming services. These are programs that take up a lot of your computer’s capacity and make it hard for games to run smoothly.

The streaming service in question depends on the game you’re playing; some games freeze when Twitch is active in the background, while others are fine with YouTube running.

It’s worth experimenting with different services and seeing which ones cause problems.

Steam Games Launch Options

To allocate more RAM to Steam games, right-click the game in your Steam library. From there, select “Properties.” Select the tab that says “Launch Options” and type -malloc=2G at the end of the command line.

For example, if you were launching Stardew Valley, it would say “-malloc=2G: Stardew Valley” This will allocate 2GB of RAM to the game and you’ll be able to launch it with no issues!

Be sure to restart your computer if necessary, before trying this out.

Steam Launch Options

Disabling Your Antivirus

You might need to disable your antivirus when playing games. Antiviruses are designed to be security software that, among other things, scan your computer for viruses.

The problem is that because your antivirus scans parts of the game’s files and content, it can slow down the game’s performance.

This can affect how long it takes to load textures or models in-game. To get around this, you may need to disable your antivirus while playing games. In order to do so.

You will have to adjust the settings in your anti-virus software and add a rule for a specific game (or create a new profile).

Scroll down to “Advanced Settings” and look for “Exclusion”. Click on “Add Exclusion” and select the executable file for the game you want to edit.

Summary: How To Allocate More RAM to Steam Games

RAM is the next important component that affects the performance of a game after CPU and GPU. Allocating more RAM to a game can make it run faster. But upgrading the CPU and GPU has the biggest effect on gaming performance. 

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