How Many FPS Can A 144Hz Monitor Display? [Answered]

PC gamers prefer to use 144Hz monitors simply because their high refresh rate allows them to take advantage of higher frame rates.

Most modern gaming PCs can generate a high number of frames per second (FPS). Unfortunately, you can’t see the high FPS without a 144Hz monitor.

A low refresh rate monitor limits the frame rate you see. By upgrading to a 144Hz monitor, you have the chance to enhance your gaming experience.

But how many FPS can a 144Hz monitor display? Stick around to find out the answer to this question and many more.

How Much FPS Can You Get On A 144Hz Monitor?

A 144Hz monitor is capable of drawing up to 144 frames per second. That said, your 144Hz monitor can display any amount of frames per second as long as it does not exceed 144 FPS. 

However, you should know that your PC performance determines your FPS. As such, your FPS does not have to match the refresh rate on your monitor.

Can You Get More Than 144 FPS On 144Hz Monitor?

No, it’s impossible to achieve more than 144 FPS on a 144Hz monitor. 144Hz monitors are only designed to display 144 FPS and below.

Even if you run more than 144 FPS, the extra frames will get wasted.

If you need more than 144 FPS, you must purchase a monitor with a higher refresh rate—ideally, a 240Hz, 300Hz, or 360Hz monitor.

Can a 144Hz Monitor Run 240 FPS?

Yes, a 144Hz monitor can run more than 240 FPS, but it will only show 144 frames per second. 144Hz monitors cannot show 240 FPS as they can only draw 144 FPS.

In any case, you will experience screen tearing because you are outputting more frames than a 144Hz monitor can handle.

Attempting to run more than 144 frames on a 144Hz monitor can interfere with the graphics on the screen. The only positive about running a higher FPS is that it can reduce or remove input lag.

Can A 144Hz Monitor Run 120 FPS?

Yes, a 144Hz monitor is capable of displaying 120 fps. So, if you have a 120 FPS game, it’s possible to play it on a 144Hz monitor.

Anything below 144 FPS should run pretty well on a 144Hz panel. Whether it’s 120 FPS, 100FPS, or 60FPS, it should run on a 144Hz monitor.

Do You Need 144 FPS For 144Hz?

No! You don’t need to have 144 FPS to use a 144Hz monitor. However, you must have a 144Hz monitor to use or enjoy 144 FPS.

Final Thoughts

144Hz monitors are great for gaming because they can display up to 144 FPS. These monitors can draw any amount of FPS as long as they don’t exceed 144 FPS.

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