How Many Feet Do You Need For a Golf Simulator in 2022?

Golf simulators are a fantastic alternative to keeping sharpening your golfing skills on days you can’t drive to the golf park, driving range, or just want to play indoors due to certain reasons.

In setting up a golf simulator, you might ask, “what size room do I need for a golf simulator?”. In this article, we solve the problems and provide guidelines on how big your golf simulator room should be.

How Many Square Feet Do You Need For A Golf Simulator?

The minimum space needed for a golf simulator is 10 feet wide by 10 feet long by 8 feet high that is if you are of average height.

The bigger you are the more space you need and vice versa. However, as a rule of thumb the bigger the room the better for the golf simulator.  

How To Build a Golf Simulator at Home

This ensures that you have enough space for your club swings and golf simulator set-ups.

Garages, basements, and living rooms are the best spaces for golf simulator set-ups because of their large size.

How Tall of A Ceiling Do You Need For A Golf Simulator?

8 feet should be the minimum height for a golf simulator set-up.

Anything shorter might cause you to hit other things when taking a swing or feel the room to be small affecting the immersion.

To know if your current ceiling is the right height for a golf simulator practice a full swing with your longest club.

If you don’t hit other things or worry about touching the ceiling. Then your ceiling height is fantastic for a golf simulator.

How Much Room Do You Need Behind A Golf Simulator Screen?

This depends on the size of your space. If your space is around the minimum dimensions for a golf simulator (10L X 10W X 8-10H feet). Then space behind a golf simulator screen is almost non-existent.

For bigger spaces, at least 10 to 16 inches behind the golf simulator display with your tee space 10 to 15 feet away from the screen.

The dimensions can change depending on the size of your space, your height, and close you want the experience to the real thing.

This requires you to play around with your set-up finding the best placements provided your space is greater than the minimum dimensions.

Is A Garage Big Enough For A Golf Simulator?

How big is your garage? Is it bigger than 10 W X 10 W X 8 H feet? If yes, then your garage is big enough for a golf simulator.

The good news is that most garages have large spaces and are normally the best place to set up a golf simulator.

How Tall Should An Indoor Golf Simulator Be?

8 – 10 feet high is the best height for an indoor golf simulator. High enough to not hit objects or worry about the ceiling when taking a full swing with your longest club.

Also, how tall you want an indoor golf simulator depends on your stature. People with small statures can get away with 8 feet ceiling.

People with bigger statures require higher ceilings for the set-up to not be restrictive when taking a full swing.   

For this reason, garages, basements, and living rooms are the best spaces for golf simulator set-ups.

How Much Room Do You Need For A Skytrak?

You have a minimum space of 10 L by 10 W by 8-10 H feet. The height of the ceiling varies depending on your height.

But these dimensions are the minimum space should have for a golf simulator. The bigger the dimensions the better for Skytrak allowing you freely swing your golf clubs irrespective of their lengths.

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