Where Do You Put A Projector On A Golf Simulator? [Answered]

Knowing how to set up a golf simulator projector is important. Improperly doing so can affect the immersion, feel, and resolution of the simulator.

And one of the steps in setting up a golf simulator is – how far should a projector be from the screen in a golf simulator?

Not knowing where to place your projector can cause immersion problems and probably damages when swinging your golf club.

We highlight the best places for your golf simulator projector and other things to consider distance-wise for the best immersion.

Where Do You Put A Projector On A Golf Simulator?

There are three options when it comes to placing a projector for a golf simulator: in front, above, or behind.

One thing to avoid when setting up a projector is shadows. For that, you need to know the throw distance and whether your projector is a short-throw or long throw.

Short throw projectors allow you to place it at a distance of 3 – 8 feet. Long-throw projectors can be placed at six feet or more.

In the case of golf simulators, short-throw projectors are the recommended type. Because of the limited amount of space, you have.

For projector placement, placing it in front is a very good option. Keeping a good distance behind the projector will ensure that your club never hits it.

How To Set-up Your Golf Simulator Projector

Placing the projector directly above you is risky. If your ceiling is not high enough you might hit the projector with your club when taking a swing.

Do not place your projector above you unless your ceiling is high.

Finally, placing the projector behind you is the second-best option after placing it in front.

However, you have to keep in mind that shadows are not created blocking the projector screen or the projector is not so close behind you to risk hitting it with your golf club.

In conclusion, the best place to put a projector for a golf simulator is in front or behind you. However, this requires a short-throw projector for best results.

Long-throw projectors can’t be placed close to the projector screen and they also create shadows when placed behind you.

Note that the projector can be placed in front or behind you on the floor.

In this case, we referring to mounting the projector on the ceiling because it provides the best resolution and immersion compared to other placements.

What Is A Good Projector For Golf Simulator?

High-resolution short-throw projectors are good options for golf simulators. Check out the full list of the best projectors for golf simulators.

All compiled so you won’t waste countless hours finding which is the right fit.

Can You Have A Golf Simulator With 8 Foot Ceilings?

8-foot ceilings are the minimum recommended height for golf simulator set-ups. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, set up your dummy projector/device (place it where you want it to be) and practice your golf swing.

Placement has a big impact on immersion in golf simulator

If your swing doesn’t touch the projector or hit the ceiling. Then you can go ahead and set up your golf simulator. If it does, then it might not be a good idea to do so.

Hence, the recommended height should be 9-10 feet. That way you won’t risk destroying something with your golf club.

How High Does The Ceiling Need To Be For A Golf Simulator?

8 feet is the minimum height a ceiling should be for a golf simulator.

However, 9-10 feet or more is the best height for a golf simulator. In other words, the higher the ceiling the better.

What Should Be The Golf Simulator Distance From Screen?

This depends on the size of your projector screen and the throw distance of your projector. Bigger screens require you to place your projector further away compared to smaller screens.

You have to work out the throw distance of your projector and how big you want your projector screen to be.

Once that’s done, you will have a fair idea of where to place the projector. Compare that to the size of your golf simulator room and you will have a fair idea of how far you want the golf simulator to be.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Projectors should be placed 12-13 inches from an 80-inch projector screen
  • Projectors should be placed 10-13 inches from a 100-inch projector screen
  • Projectors should be placed 12-15 inches from a 120-inch projector screen
  • Projectors should be placed 15-20 inches from a 150-inch projector screen
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