2 Ways on How To Find My HP Printer Password in 2022

Printing is made a lot easier when you have a wireless printer – like the ones HP manufactures. You have to connect it through HPs Auto Wireless Connect or WPS.

Products with a display can even use the HP Wireless Setup Wizard, but we’re guessing that you already figured this part out.

Okay, so you’ve been using your printer for some time (or not), and something happened – the printer and the Wi-Fi router are disconnected or you have a new printer.

You cannot print because you need to reconnect the two and you don’t know what the HP printer password.

Let’s find how to get the HP printer password quick and easy.

Two Methods In Finding Your HP Printer Password

Method 1 – The Direct Printing Button

You will have to turn on the printer and locate the HP direct printing button. It is mostly under the Wi-Fi button, which usually blinks in blue light.

The HP direct printing button needs to have a white light on the side, which is a good sign. It would help if you waited until this white light appears, and this is when you hold the button for a few seconds.

The printer will start printing, which is when you can let go of the button.

Your printer will automatically print out a page full of instructions, and under the 4th step, hides the solution to your issues – the password of your device.

Method 2 –  Use The Info Button

Some printers do not have a direct printing button, which confuses people, but we will help you find out how to get HP printer password anyway.

You have to turn on the printer, then turn on the Wi-Fi button. You will know the Wi-Fi option is on when you see a blue blinking light.

Now you press the Wi-Fi button once again, and right after that, the info button once. This info button is usually under it, and it has the letter “i“ written.

It may take a minute or two, but the printer will print out your password, and under the blue icon, in the third paragraph, you can see the password. This is how you recover the HP printer password.

How Do I Change The Wi-Fi Password on My HP Printer?

If you continuously ask yourself, “how do I unlock my HP printer?“, you might want to change your password into a custom one. This way, you won’t have to Google how to figure out your pass for HP printer every time something happens.

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Turn on your computer, and amongst the Wi-Fi options, find the name of your printer. The printer must be on, as well as the Wi-Fi option. Connect to the printer on the computer, and then paste the IP of your printer into the URL bar on your browser.

If you don’t know what the IP of your printer is, it should be on the same paper where you found the password through Method 1 or Method 2.

Now you will be in the interface of the printer.

Click Network, Wi-Fi Direct, Status, and then allow the process to connect further if there is a privacy prompt (Advanced and Proceed). This may or may not show up.

Click on Edit Settings and then select Manual in the Connection Method option.

And this is how to reset the password for your HP Printer, change the password, or change the name of the Wi-Fi.

Even if you get a “connection lost“ page after applying the changes, which you must do, don’t worry, this is normal.

Final Thoughts

Finding and changing your printer’s password is not a big deal, so don’t worry if this is something that comes up fairly often. It is simple and easy to do.

If you still can’t seem to solve the issue, contact the HP customer service.

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