What is a Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is a PC or laptop that hasn’t been made by Apple and runs Mac OS on it. If your laptop is not made by Apple and has High Sierra. It is a Hackintosh.

Hackintosh came about to solve a problem Apple users faced: to enjoy the benefits of Mac OS you must get an expensive MacBook.

Some people prefer Mac OS not MacBook to other operating systems because of its security, speed and absence of bloatware.

The only way to get access to the Mac OS is to buy an expensive MacBook or iMac which most Apple customers think is not worth it.

Mac OS is limited to MacBooks and iMacs only. That means they are only compatible with hardware found in MacBooks and iMacs.

This configuration makes things difficult for an Apple user who wants to enjoy the benefits of using the Mac OS but doesn’t want to spend large amounts of money on MacBooks or iMacs.

Hackintosh as Fast as Possible

Because of the limited amount of options on hardware selection they offer which he might nor use or be up to the task.

Hence the solution was to create Hackintosh. To be able to build your custom pc or a laptop and install Mac OS on it.

This allows you to have a machine that perfectly suits your needs without getting an expensive MacBook. Here’s what you need to know what a Hackintosh is.

Hackintosh Compatibility

Not all laptops or PC are compatible with Mac OS. For this reason, there are guides and lists that help in finding out if your laptop is compatible or if you decide to go down the PC route, what hardware you should get to make it compatible to install Mac OS.

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You can visit hackintoshzone.com or tonymacx86.com to find guides on how to install Hackintosh and laptops or PC components that are compatible with the OS

Is Hackintosh stable?

Hackintosh is only stable as long as you follow the instructions given by experts, guides and if your PC components are compatible with the operating software.

Updating the system software can also cause it to become unstable unless updates are deemed acceptable by experts.

Basically, you have to wait for the green light from experts to determine the compatibility of the update before installation.

If you are patient and okay with the fact that your Mac OS won’t be the latest and wait for experts to determine if the update won’t mess things up then Hackintosh is very stable.

Most downloaded five Hackintosh versions

  • High Sierra
  • Mojave
  • Sierra
  • Yosemite
  • Mavericks

Is Hackintosh Legal?

Hackintosh is definitely illegal. According to the end-user licence agreement, Mac OS should only be used on Apple hardware.

Therefore, if you install Mac OS on a non-Apple PC you have committed a breach of contract.

Apple hasn’t taken any action against individuals who have breached the contract because of how costly it will be to them. They have only gone after companies like Pystar that publicly sold Hackintosh notebooks and PCs.

Hackintosh Vs Macintosh

There is no winner between them because they both cater to different needs.

Hackintosh is preferred by people who like to enjoy the benefits of using Mac OS but prefer not to purchase an expensive MacBook which is not worth it to them in their point of view.

These type of people are tech-savvy, like to tinker, or like to experiment with a lot of things.

Macintosh is preferred by the evangelists, the not so tech savvy and fans. These kind of people are not ready to go through the headaches, crashes, or waiting for an expert to determine if an update is compatible or not.

They don’t mind spending the extra cash for on a MacBook or iMac.

Should you build a Hackintosh?

This is totally up to you. If you like to tinker with stuff or want a customizable PC with a Mac OS, no one can stop you.

Having a Hackintosh comes with so many benefits.


You can buy your own parts and build a PC that is less expensive than the ones sold by Apple.

Easily Customizable

Because of the limited options of hardware offered by MacBooks, it makes it difficult to customize the MacBook’s hardware according to your needs.

Hackintosh solves this problem by making it possible to choose different compatible hardware to build a PC that perfectly suits your needs.

Laptops are also included, you just need to find one that has Hackintosh compatibility.

Easily upgrade-able

Want to step up the performance of your PC? Just head over to a PC hardware shop and get a more powerful component. You can easily replace your hardware if something goes wrong.


Because you can dual boot windows and Mac OS on your PC you can build a powerful gaming machine. You can play games on Windows and switch to Mac OS if you need to do some content creation.

Even with all these awesome benefits, there will always be a price.

No warranty from Apple

Because it is a non-Apple machine just don’t expect Apple to replace your parts or machine if something goes wrong.

Updates have to be vetted first

Updates released by Apple have to be determined if they are compatible by experts first before you can safely install them.

Failure to do this can cause crashes or results in drivers not working.

A time sink

If you not experienced or it is your first time you will definitely spend a lot of time getting things right.

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