Flat vs Angled Keyboard: Which is Better in 2022?

Ergonomics plays a big role when it comes to typing. Monitor height, chair height, sitting position, etc. all play roles determining good or bad ergonomics.

Good ergonomics is important because you can avoid back, shoulder, joint pain, etc. caused by bad ergonomics.

Keyboards play a big role in ergonomics because it’s one of the main input devices. Bad keyboard ergonomics can cause wrist pain and fatigue.

In this article, we talk about flat vs angled keyboards for typing and which is the best for each sitting scenario.

Flat vs Angled Keyboard For Typing

As you guessed, a flat keyboard is flat on the desk while an angled keyboard is raised or inverted by an angle.

This angle varies amongst keyboards and a lot of keyboards have kickstands that allow you to switch between flat or raised angled positions.

flat keyboard
Flat Keyboard

For inverted keyboards, you either have to purchase one or simply place and something beneath the keyboard to turn it into a decline.

Both types of keyboards have their pros and cons in certain situations.

Is It Better To Have A Flat Or Angled Keyboard?

Getting a flat or angled keyboard depends on your ergonomics i.e., the chair height, sitting position, etc. A flat keyboard might be good or bad for certain sittings positions.

The same applies to an angled keyboard. Let’s look at scenarios where both types of keyboards are a good idea.

Assuming desk height is consistent, a flat angle keyboard is better if you can maintain the same chair height or a higher one.

This keeps your wrist in a more neutral or relaxed position when typing. However, reducing the chair height (lower than the desk) will cause you to raise your hands to touch the keyboard.

This creates stress in your hands and fingers because your wrists are raised and not in a relaxed position.

angled keyboard
Angled Keyboard

Sitting in that position for long periods will cause wrist pain. Angle keyboards are best when you have a chair height equal to or greater than the desk height.

Considering the scenario for an angled keyboard. Assuming the desk height is consistent, an angled keyboard is a better option if you sit lower than the desk height.

The keyboard is raised to make it easier for your wrists to maintain a neutral position from a lower chair height.

Angled keyboards cause wrist pain when you sit an equal or higher height to the desk. This causes you to raise your wrists and hands creating stress when typing.

In conclusion, angled keyboards are better when sitting height is lower than the desk and flat keyboards are better when sitting height is equal or higher than the desk.

Always try to maintain a neutral wrist position when typing. Flat or angled keyboards can help achieve that if you have ergonomics right.

Should I Have My Keyboard at an Angle?

If your flat keyboard doesn’t keep your wrists and hands at a neutral position. Then it would be a better idea to have your keyboard at an angle.

Chair heights lower than the desk height or sitting positions that make you sit lower than usual require you to have angled keyboards. This makes it easy to keep your wrists in a neutral position.

Is A Slanted Keyboard More Ergonomic?

Slanted keyboards are more ergonomic if you sit in a position that stops you from keeping your wrists neutral.

Any sitting position, desk height, etc. that causes pain or is not comfortable isn’t ergonomically beneficial and keyboard heights play a role.

In some scenarios, flat keyboards are better than angled keyboards and vice versa. For example, using a flat keyboard in a reclined chair feels so much better than using a flat keyboard.

On the contrary, a flat keyboard feels so much better sitting in an upright position rather than a reclined position. Both have different uses for different scenarios.

Are Flat Keyboards More Ergonomic?

Flat keyboards are more ergonomic if you sit in an upright position or the chair height is equal to or higher than the desk height.

Flat keyboards in such positions keep your wrists neutral decreasing the chances of an injury happening whiles typing.

Flat keyboards are not ergonomic if you sit in a reclined position or at a chair height lower than the desk.

Is A Flat Keyboard Good For Gaming?

Yes, flat keyboards are good for gaming. More often than not you will sit in an upright position and flat keyboards are the best tools for the job.

Your wrists are less strained and fatigue is minimal because wrists are kept in a natural neutral position.

Should Keyboard Be Flat or Raised For Gaming?

Keyboards should always be kept flat. Why? For maximum efficiency and inputs, you will naturally sit in a more upright position.

This allows you to hit the right buttons, be immersed and focused on the game. A flat keyboard will feel more natural and better than a raised keyboard during gaming.

A raised keyboard will make you bend your wrists leading to pain and fatigue faster.

But, a flat keyboard keeps your wrists in a neutral position preventing less stress, strain, and fatigue. Your hands will be ready to hit the inputs at all times.

Are Flat Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Yes, flat keyboards are better for gaming. Flat keyboards keep your wrists in a neutral position resulting in less stress, strain, and fatigue.

Plus, 99 per cent of the time you will be sitting in an upright position which makes flat keyboards better for gaming due to the reason mentioned above.

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