Do You Need A Good Computer For Music Production? [Answered]

The music industry has evolved to a point where most individuals could produce music with just a laptop.

However, in the pursuit of creating amazing tunes, you need a well-specced system to ensure that you can handle the different tiers of music creation.

Music production has a lot of subfields such as audio technician, sound designer, sound mixer and the like.

These fields all require different spec computers and devices, to produce music without issue.

So yes, you would need a good computer for music production, whether you are a student, Beginner, or even a professional in the music industry.

Which CPU Is Best For Music Production?

A good CPU for music production would have at least a quad-core processor, with a clock speed of 2Ghz and above.

Since the processor affects the performance of digital audio workstation software, it’s important to use a CPU with multiple cores so that tasks are a breeze.

Is RAM Important In Music Production?

RAM increases the amount of tasks that can be run in parallel, and this makes the music production much faster.

With enough RAM, you can run multiple procedures such as file conversion, recording with MiDi, and getting your mix down ready.

Some DAW have app extensions, which enable a much better music being produced, and these plugins consume additional RAM.

A PC without sufficient RAM would slow down the process, and in some situations, time sensitive procedures would reduce your productivity as a music producer.

To be on the safe side, your computer should have at least 16GB RAM, which would last much longer than 8GB or even 4GB.

Do I Need An SSD For Music Production?

HDD used to be the storage option some time back, but the introduction of the solid state drive has brought about faster read/write speeds.

This means that when importing samples and loading them up, it would take far less time. SSDs also reduce loading times of your apps and plugins for use.

One benefit SSDs have over HDDs are longevity. SSD do not have any moving parts, like the HDD with its magnetic reading needle, and this greatly reduces the chance of drive failure.

Is A Mac Worth It For Music Production?

Apple devices are overengineered. They are quite good at a variety of workloads, and music production is one of them.

MacBook’s and iMacs support higher number of MiDi(musical instrument digital interface) at the same time.

Infrastructure such as Core Audio is a framework design specifically for iOS and MacOS. This is a high performance low latency service.

The core audio increases the efficiency of synthesis of a musical instrument or a software, when working in conjunction with a MiDi.

Pro audio applications can get ultra low latency access to the system’s audio hardware without any audio drivers required. This increases system stability and performance.

System Requirements For Music Production

  • 2.2Ghz Quad Core Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 64Bit Operating System
  • 256GB SSD or HDD

That’s it for Whether a good computer is needed for music production.

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