Do OSU Players Use a Mouse? [Answered]

Do OSU! Players use a mouse? Mouse-only was the only way to play OSU! until other input methods were introduced.

Since then mouse-only has slowly decreased in popularity. But, is it still a great way to play OSU? Here’s what to expect when playing OSU with a mouse.

Do OSU Players Use A Mouse?

Few OSU! players use a mouse. OSU! gameplay with a mouse is harder than other inputs. Because it’s hard to get the rhythm.

You will improve slowly and need to put in more practice hours. For this reason, keyboard or mixed inputs e.g., keyboard and mouse are more popular than mouse only.

Is OSU Hard To Play With A Mouse?

No, OSU! is not hard to play with a mouse. But, OSU! is hard to learn with a mouse. The learning curve is steep and requires a lot of practice.

How Many Top OSU Players Use Mouse?

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