Do All Keyboards Work with XIM in 2022?

XIM Apex provides high-precision mouse and keyboard inputs on consoles – Xbox and PlayStation. This makes it easy to use an input that suits you best.

Do all keyboards work with XIM? Here’s everything you need to know before getting a keyboard for XIM.

Do Wireless Keyboards Work With XIM?

Yes, you can use a wireless keyboard with a XIM. However, Bluetooth wireless keyboard isn’t supported and will not work with XIM.

You need a wireless dongle or RF receiver to physically connect to XIM Apex for it to work.

What Keyboards Work on XIM?

There are so many keyboards and listing them here will be impossible. However, only a few keyboards don’t work with XIM Apex which you can find them below:

Keyboards That Don’t Work With XIM Apex:
Amazon Basics
Azio large print tri-color backlit
Bluefinger One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K63 [wireless mode]
Corsair K65 RGB Mini
Corsair K100
Drop ALT
Ducky Pocket
E-Blue Mazer Type-X
Elements Gaming Beryllium
Evo Core
Gamesir GK100
Gamesir Z2
HP Omen Sequencer
HyperX Alloy Elite
Meetion MT-KB015
Red Dragon S101
ROG Gladius II (Wireless mode only)
Silver Line Comfortable KB-MM818
Trust Basic
Vortex Pok3r RGB

What Keyboard Is Best For XIM Apex?

The best keyboard for XIM is one that’s compatible with XIM and doesn’t have keyboard ghosting.

To be honest, there are so many keyboards to choose from so we have compiled the best keyboards for XIM guide.

Does XIM Work with Mouse And Keyboard?

Yes, XIM works with mouse and keyboard but not all. You can check out XIM Apex hardware compatibility guide for more information.

Also, both input devices either have to be wired or wireless with an RF receive or dongle.

Bluetooth mice and keyboards don’t work with XIM Apex because although XIM has Bluetooth capabilities you have to physically connect to XIM.

Does Razer Keyboard Work with XIM?

Yes, all Razer keyboards work with XIM.

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