Do All Keyboards Work With Linux? [Answered]

More often than not, keyboards are quite similar. Especially when it comes to key layout and arrangement.

But in recent times, keyboards have diverse layouts due to things such as the Operating System of the Personal computer.

As a result of more OS on the market in recent times, keyboards are now being designed for multiple software, including Mac-OS, Linux, Chrome OS et al.

Every OS has “special keys” and short-cut combinations that would not work if the OS is paired with the wrong keyboard.

Do all keyboards work with Linux? Stick with us and you would find out if all keyboards work with Linux.

Do All Keyboards Work With Linux?

The short answer is yes. A keyboard would work with any if not all Operating Systems available in the market now.

The fact of the matter is that it’s just not just any keyboard that would work effectively for Linux. Some boards come with unique keys.

And these “Special keys ” are unique to every board, which help tie in the experience of using the Operating System, by making everything fluid and much simpler.

Some keyboards are programmable, and this allows the user to set custom commands for key-presses.

What Is The Best Keyboard For Linux?

There are a myriad of keyboards, both wireless and wired, which support Linux OS. These keyboards are built to ensure the Linux user does not struggle.

But the best kind of keyboard for Linux OS are those with programmable keys. These keyboards come with the ability to set up macros for multiple tasks.

The use of programmable keys helps you get work done more efficiently. Most keyboards come with 18-programmable keys others have 24-programmable.

Some manufacturers even add their own special keys for configuration. All in all, the use of a programmable keyboard makes things easier on the Linux user.

Do Logitech Keyboards Work With Linux?

There are quite a number of Logitech keyboards. Some are wired, others are wireless.

There are specific models of both wired and wireless, which supports the Linux operating system.

Although certain Logitech keyboards offer Linux support, drivers would need to be installed.

There are also some models which would work out of the box, without the need to install Linux drivers.

Are Windows Keyboards Compatible With Linux?

There are many windows keyboards that work without any extra configurations whatsoever.

Linux Distributions have additional options within “system settings” if you are struggling and need additional keyboard options and even allow the OS to mimic windows through the short-cut keys and other actions.

Do Mechanical Keyboards Work On Linux?

A mechanical keyboard is just like any other; it is equipped with all the standard keys, and its key-switch design makes your typing fluid.

Unless the mechanical keyboards come with extra programmable keys, with support for only windows, we do not see why a mechanical board would not work with Linux.

As a result of Linux growing popularity in recent times, there has been increased support for mechanical keyboards in Linux OS.

Do Ducky Keyboards Work On Linux?

Ducky’s keyboards are Linux mechanical boards, which use cherry-MX key switches for even better typing fluidity.

Some models come with additional 10-key caps, for replacement and customization.

They work on the Linux distro without any configuration changes. All the macros on these types of keyboards can be set -up per Linux needs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, we hope we answered your queries on whether all keyboards work on Linux.

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