3 Reasons Why Smartphone Discharging While Charging in 2022

Theirs is nothing more frustrating than plugging in your smartphone. And find out that instead of charging the battery discharges slowly. Here’s why your iPhone or android smartphone discharging while charging. And what you can do to solve the problem. How Does Charging and Discharging Work? A battery has a cathode, anode and an electrolyte. … Read more

Pros & Cons of Power Banks in 2022

Every smartphone owner has thought about getting a power bank. Because there is a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to smartphone battery life. A large screen, powerful processor and lots of RAM. Why won’t smartphones be power-hungry? The phones before smartphones could last for more than a day. With Nokia phones being known … Read more

How Long Do Power Banks Last in 2022?

Power banks are becoming more common because of the short battery lives of smartphones. They are able to last for days without requiring a recharge. And are able to power your smartphone or other devices at any time. That’s what makes power banks so great. Being able to provide your smartphone with extra power when … Read more