Can You Use a Scanner With a Chromebook?

Can you use a scanner with a Chromebook? Yes, most printers come with scanners and are compatible with Chromebooks.

For standalone scanners, an app needs to download on the Chromebook via the Google Play store. Here’s what to do when using a scanner with a Chromebook.

Can You Use A Scanner With A Chromebook?

Yes, you can use a scanner with Chromebooks.

What Scanners Will Work With Chromebook?

To know which scanners will work with Chromebooks. Read our guide – best scanners for Chromebooks.

However, most scanners are compatible with Chromebooks. And most printers come with scanners.

How To Scan on a Chromebook

Does Doxie Scanner Work With Chromebook?

Yes, the Doxie scanner works with Chromebooks. To scan documents with a Doxie scanner.

  • Download the Doxie viewer from the Google Play store.
  • Connect your Doxie scanner and Chromebook to the same network (Doxie’s created network or local network).
  • Search for compatible Doxie scanners.
  • After the app has connected to the Doxie scanner. Your Chromebook will be able to scan and save documents.

Are Epson Scanners Chromebook Compatible?

Yes, Epson scanners are compatible with Chromebooks – no software required. Connect your Chromebook to the Epson scanner via USB or connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Can You Scan From An HP Printer To A Chromebook?

HP printers that have scanners can scan documents to a Chromebook. To scan documents to a Chromebook follow the steps below:

  • Connect your HP printer and Chromebook to the same Wi-Fi or local network.
  • Locate the HP printer IP address by going to setup > network > view network summary > wireless.
  • Copy and paste the IP address into the URL bar of your Chromebook.
  • Use the webscan option to scan and save documents to your Chromebooks. In the scan settings, you can choose whether you want the scan files in JPG or PDF.

How Do I Scan Documents To My Chromebook?

Except for HP printers. Scanning documents to your Chromebook is straightforward.

Standalone scanners require you to download the device app from the app store. Next, connect the scanner to the same network as the Chromebook.

Once the connection is done you can scan documents to your Chromebook.

Some all-in-one printers only need to be connected to the same network and you can scan documents to your Chromebook.

Other all-in-one printers require the printer to be connected on the same as the Chromebook. Copy and paste the printer’s IP address into the URL bar. This opens a webpage where you can print and scan documents.

Final Thoughts

All scanners allow you to scan with a Chromebook. In addition to that, most all-in-one printers are compatible with scanning from a Chromebook. All that is left is the type of scanner or all-in-one printer brand to go with.

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