Can You Run Cricut From Any Tablet in 2022?

Tablets have bigger displays than smartphones making them suitable for a lot of design work.

But can you run a Cricut machine from a tablet? Yes, you can. Here’s why.

Can You Run a Cricut Machine from a Tablet?

Yes, the Cricut machine can be run from a tablet.

The Cricut system requirements require iOS 14 or later for iPads.

And Android 9 or higher for android tablets.

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Android tablets require constant internet connection since offline is not available.

iOS devices can run Cricut in offline and online mode. Internet connection may or may not be required to run Cricut.

Can You Use A Cricut Maker Without A Computer?

Yes, a computer is not required to use Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air, or Cricut Joy. Cricut can be used with iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

Cricut iOS System Requirements

Operating System
iOS 14 or later View list of devices below
Broadband connection Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply 
Available for iOS devices Memory needs will vary based on usage 

Cricut Android System Requirements

Operating System
Android 9.0 or higher Mobile devices and tablets only Chromebooks not supported Qualified devices Samsung: Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab S series Google: Pixel series LG: G, K, or V series Motorola: Droid G, Z, E, Turbo, or Moto series Performance varies by chipset, processor speed, and manufacturer
Broadband connection Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply 
Not currently available

How Do I Connect My Cricut To My Android Tablet?

Download the Cricut Design Space app from Google Play Store. You can now connect your Cricut to your android tablet or smartphone.

Use Cricut Design Space on Phone/Tablet

Is An iPad Compatible With A Cricut?

An iPad that has iOS 14 or higher is compatible with Cricut. Download the Cricut Design Space app from the iOS app store to get started with Cricut on iOS.

Is iPad Worth It For Cricut?

Getting an Apple pencil will make an iPad worth it for Cricut. An Apple pencil makes it easy to procreate on an iPad than a laptop.

An advantage if you want to make detailed designs.

Some features available on the Cricut PC software are not available on the Cricut Design Space app for iPads.

A disadvantage in functionality using Cricut Design Space on an iPad.

Do You Need a Laptop Or iPad For Cricut?

You can use a laptop, iPad, or both for Cricut. A laptop and iPad are different devices.

Features present in the Cricut Design Space might be present or absent in the app or Cricut PC software.

Check which features are available or not for each device before buying a laptop or iPad.

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