Can You Play OSU with a Keyboard? [Answered]

Can you play OSU with a keyboard? Yes, you can. However, some keyboard types are suited for OSU. We explain why and the best keyboard type for OSU.

Can You Play OSU With A Keyboard?

Yes, you can play OSU with a keyboard. Initially, mouse and keyboards were the only input method to play OSU.

Other input methods were later introduced as the game become more popular.

Is OSU Bad For Keyboard?

OSU is bad for membrane and chiclet keyboards. Playing OSU with a keyboard requires hard and several taps.

This quickly wears down the keycaps and presses. Chiclet and membrane keyboards do not last long when used for OSU.

Mechanical keyboards are the recommended keyboards for OSU. Because they have been built to withstand several thousands of keypresses. This makes them highly resistant to wear and tear.

Do You Need A Good Keyboard To Play OSU?

Yes, a good keyboard is recommended for OSU. Mechanical keyboards are the best-recommended keyboards for OSU.

They have been built to withstand hard keypresses and several thousands of key inputs.

You won’t have to worry about destroying your keys when playing OSU on a mechanical keyboard.

Is OSU Better With Mechanical Keyboard?

Yes, mechanical keyboards provide better key inputs than all keyboard types. Furthermore, you can change the key switches to red, blue, brown, etc.

All of which have their advantages in the game of OSU. Mechanical keyboards are resilient being able to withstand several thousands of keypresses.

You will hit a lot of keys when playing OSU and mechanical keyboards handle that well.

Is a Laptop Keyboard Good For OSU?

Laptops have chiclet keyboards that easily get destroyed when pressed hard. The keycaps also wear off with time.

This makes laptop keyboards not good for OSU.

The solution is to get an external mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are durable easily withstanding hard keypresses.

Anytime you are about to play OSU switch to the mechanical keyboard. This saves your laptop’s keyboard from damage.

What Keyboard Do Most OSU Players Use?

Most OSU players use mechanical keyboards with red, brown, and blue switches in the following order.

Our guide gives the best list of the best mechanical keyboards for OSU.

Should You Switch From Mouse to Keyboard in OSU?

For beginners making the switch from mouse to keyboard in OSU is recommended. Switching from mouse to keyboard in OSU as an intermediate or expert in the game isn’t recommended.

Because making such a switch will affect your gameplay requiring you to relearn all strategies.

How To Play OSU with Keyboard Only

  1. Open OSU.exe
  2. Click Options and type in change and select Change keyboard bindings.
  3. Go back to main menu. Click Play and choose keyboard.
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