Can My PC Run 144 FPS and How To Get It Gaming?

How do you get 144 FPS on PC? The answer isn’t straightforward. Different games have their system requirements.

The hardware needed for 144 FPS on a game might be different for another game. To get 144 FPS on every game, the best and latest hardware is required.

Can My PC Run 144 Fps?

To know if your PC can run 144 FPS. Check the PC hardware and system requirements of the game.

A PC will run 144 FPS when the hardware exceeds the maximum system requirements of a game.

Every game has system requirements that a PC has to meet to run successfully.

A PC will run 144 FPS when the hardware is powerful or the game has low system requirements.

How Do I Enable 144 FPS On PC?

You cannot enable 144 FPS on PC. You can only achieve 144 FPS on PC. To achieve 144 FPS on PC when gaming:

  • Lower the graphic settings and resolution.
  • Play games with low system requirements.
  • Upgrade your PC with better hardware.

What PC Parts Do I Need For 144 FPS?

To know which parts are needed for 144 FPS. First, check the system requirements of games.

Secondly, know which display resolution plan to play on. Higher-resolution gaming requires powerful hardware.

Finally, make sure the CPU and GPU don’t cause bottlenecks. Our guide provides the best CPU and GPU combinations for 144 FPS 1080p gaming.

These have the best CPU and GPU pairs to maximize gaming performance.

60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Gaming

System Requirements For 144 FPS?

System requirements for 144 FPS are different for each game. Meeting the system requirements for 144 FPS for a game will not get you 144 FPS on a different game.

Some require just require more powerful hardware for 144 FPS. Gaming on higher resolutions requires better hardware for 144 FPS. To get 144 FPS on a 1080p resolution.

Here are the system requirements below:

  • CPU: High-performance Intel Core i7 and i9 or AMD Ryzen 7 or 9.
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX series or AMD Radeon XT series.
  • RAM: 16GB RAM or higher.
  • Monitor: 1920 x 1080 with 144Hz or higher refresh rate
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe storage
  • OS: Windows 10 or higher

These system requirements are valid for 1080p resolution gaming on a 144Hz monitor.

To achieve 144 FPS on higher resolution. You have to get better hardware.

Do You Need 144 FPS for 144Hz?

Yes, to get 144 FPS you need a 144Hz display or higher. Check your display specifications to find if it supports 144Hz. If it does, change the refresh rate to 144Hz by following these steps:

  • Display settings –> Advanced display settings –> Under “Refresh Rate” –> Screen refresh rate should be set to 144Hz

The next thing to do after changing the refresh rate is to turn off v-sync. You can turn off v-sync in the game settings.

Is 144 FPS Good For Gaming?

Yes, 144 FPS is good for gaming. The higher the FPS the smoother and more enjoyable the experience.

Competitive online games benefit from 144 FPS on 144Hz monitor gaming.

Because it’s more responsive and advantageous over other players who have 60-120Hz displays.

Final Thoughts

To get 144 FPS on a PC depends on the game and display resolution. It is hard to get 144 FPS on a demanding game playing on high resolution (1440p or higher).

Powerful gaming hardware makes it easy to get 144 FPS on a 144Hz 1080p display.

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