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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 03:41 pm

The Best Unturned Server Hosting Providers in 2021

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Playing a survival game is all about strategy, and one of the strategic decisions you need to make is choosing a server. Fortunately, there are tons of game server providers with amazing features.

Which of these servers do you choose? We understand the struggle you’re going through trying to select the best unturned server hosting. This is why we’ve compiled what we consider the best unturned server hosting.

Server Host
Starting Price | Instant Set-up | DDoS Protection | Slots | Free Trial
Zap Hosting
$8.42 | Yes | Yes | 10-200 | No
$9.98 | Yes | Yes | Unlimited | Yes
Streamline Servers
$6.00 | Yes | Yes | 8-32 | No
$12.13 | Yes | Yes | 10-24 | No
GTXGaming UK
£6.00 | Yes | Yes | 20-100 | No
$4.70 | Yes | Yes | 10-250 | 48-hour trial

Top 6 Best Unturned Server Hosts in 2021




  • Customizable DDoS protection
  • Free FTP Access
  • Own ipv4 address


  • Expensive servers, especially if you choose locations outside Europe.

Starting Price: $8.42 | Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: 10-200| Free Trial: No


Begin your journey by renting a prepaid server that’s configured within minutes of processing your payment. You get FTP access to facilitate data exchange between your prepaid server and PC.

Each server has DDoS protection to ensure that users can continue playing even when under a DDoS attack. You can also choose to customize the DDoS protection based on your preferences.

Additional features include several payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. You also have access to backups, which you can create and import at your convenience.

Zap hosting starts at $8.42 and increases as you customize the server. For example, the basic configuration has 10 game server slots, but if you want 200 slots, the cost rises to over $100.

Additional features such as own ipv4 address, Premium CPU & Host Server come at a cost.


Nodecraft- best Unturned server Hosting.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited game slots
  • Customer support
  • Supports cPanel
  • System built on Linux ecosystem


  • Lagging spikes are common.

Starting Price: $9.98 | Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: Unlimited| Free Trial: Yes


Create your unlimited server with Nodecraft – a hosting company that was created with gamers in mind. The company offers a limited free trial so that you can confirm that it’s the best server rental for unturned before you commit.

Unlike most hosting companies, Nodecraft uses a control panel that was built by their dev team. This control panel works on your PC and mobile. You can access it via their app or mobile browser.

Nodecraft has 12 server locations distributed across the world in Europe, South America, the U.S., and Asia-Pacific. You get the best value as pricing starts at $9.98, and you can switch between games for free.

If you don’t like the servers, you can always cancel your billing plan. The company offers a money-back guarantee, which you can activate if the need arises. 

In addition to the money-back guarantee, you also get DDoS protection. The infrastructure you’ll rely on is built on the Linux ecosystem, which guarantees stability, performance, and security.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers
Streamline Servers


  • Global location coverage
  • Free game server file migration
  • Affordable prices


  • Low maximum gaming slots

Starting Price: $6.00 | Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: 8-32| Free Trial: No


Streamline servers have been active since 2007 and have grown to become one of the best unturned server hosting companies. The basic server package starts at $6.00 per month. They offer server locations in Europe, Oceania, Asia, North and South America.

You can save up to 20% by choosing the yearly billing cycle instead of a monthly cycle. If you prefer to update the basic features, prepare to pay more. For example, normal CPU priority is included in the basic package; however, you’ll pay $7.50.

The company allocates 8GB RAM, which you can upgrade to 16GB for $11.25. The number of game slots ranges from 8-32, which seems small considering other hosting companies offer unlimited slots.

Once you’ve configured your server and placed the order, Streamline will confirm payment and install your server. The company offers instant setup; thus, your server should be ready in minutes. The idea to reduce wait times and have you ready to play within minutes.

If you’d like to add mods, Streamline comes with a Mod Manager to help you install any mods you want.




  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • 24.7 monitoring
  • Location switching available


  • Staff reliability

Starting Price: $12.13| Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: 10-24 | Free Trial: No


Fragnet is a hosting company that’s based in Sweden and claims to be built for gamers. They offer 18 game server locations and have a control panel that allows users to customize or change whatever they want.

The custom-built control offers a few decent features but nothing that stands out. When it comes to cost, you can expect to pay $12.13 for 10 player slots and $29.11 for the maximum. The cost can reduce depending on your billing cycle; thus, you might want to opt for a semi-annual billing cycle. This will help you save up to 15%.

Fragnet accepts a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrencies, eWallets, debit, and credit cards. Those should be more than enough payment options for you.

Other notable features include instant setup, no branding, low latency networks, free voice server, 24/7 customer support, and a 5-day money-back guarantee.

GTXGaming UK



  • Custom control panel
  • 24/7 support
  • Schedule tasks and DDoS protection


  • 24 Hour refund policy

Starting Price:£6.00| Instant Set-up: Yes| DDoS Protection: Yes| Slots: 20-100| Free Trial: No


GTX Gaming has been hosting Unturned servers since the game was released. Over the years, they’ve improved their infrastructure to ensure that they offer the best Unturned server hosting.

This also means that they offer one of the best packages. It comes with features such as 24/7 support to assist you in switching between games if you want to. You can also use the schedule tasks feature to create backups, update servers, server restarts, etc.

Each server has DDoS protection and 24 hours refund. If you don’t like the server, you can request a refund within 24 hours of making the payment.

The servers are affordable as the pricing starts at £6.00 and increases as you customize. For example, you can select 100 game slots instead of the basic 20 slots.




  • Competitive prices
  • 48-hour free trial
  • Global servers


  • Lacks some of the support documentation

Starting Price: $4.70 | Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: 10-250 | Free Trial: 48-hour trial


PingPerfect offers all the standard features you’d expect from a hosting company. These features include instant server setup, customer support, moneyback guarantee, etc.

Arguably, the best feature PingPerfect has to offer is a 48-hour free trial. The trial gives you access to most of the features and configurations you’d want in a paid service. It also indicates the total cost of the configuration you choose if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

In addition to the free trial, you also get a game panel, free Webhosting, DDoS protection, etc. You get all this for less than $5 per month unless you want to increase the game slots from 10 to 250.

What’s the Best Unturned Server Hosting?

We’ve listed some of the companies that we think offer the best unturned server hosting. Therefore, your choice is dependent on your choosing criteria. What features do you want to prioritize?

For example, do you want unturned server hosting free trial? If yes, do you prefer a shorter or longer free trial?  Also, how much do you intend to pay for these servers?

All this and other factors detailed further down will determine if you’re getting the best unturned server hosting.

Can You Host Your Unturned Server?

Yes, you can, and it takes about 10 minutes or less. You’ll need at least 4GB RAM, but 8GB is recommended. Expect the RAM requirements to increase as the number of players on your server increases.

Hosting a local unturned server is easy, but if you intend to play it with more than 10 players, it becomes resource-intensive. This is why most users opt to rent a dedicated server.

How Much Does an Unturned Server Cost?

The cost varies depending on the hosting provider, server location, number of game slots, additional RAM, and any other feature you might want.

What To Look For When Getting The Best Unturned Server

Here are several factors to consider:


For optimal performance, dedicated servers have certain bandwidth requirements. Some hosting companies will offer 1Gbps- 10Gbps connections in most locations to ensure gamers enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Multiple Players

Before choosing whether you want a dedicated server or a local unturned server, you have to consider who you’re playing with. If it’s just you and a couple of friends, you’ll have minimal requirements.

However, if the number of players exceeds 10, you’ll need a dedicated server to enjoy a reliable connection. This translates to a smoother connection and, ultimately, a more fun game.

Location of Game Servers

As you’d expect, the closer you’re to a server, the quicker your game will load. This is why hosting companies offer global server locations to cater to their global customer base.

When selecting a game server, consider the location of the other players. For example, if most of your game friends are in the U.S., choose a server located in the country or closest to the country.

Also, check the data center’s performance to confirm if it’s worth the price.

Mods Allowed

You can barely enjoy the game without modding, thus ensure that the hosting company allows mods. Check if the company makes it easy to create backups before adding mods. Some will offer backups in their standard package or at an additional fee.

Setting Up

Once you’ve configured your server and paid, you expect the server to be set up in minutes. Check if the hosting provider offers instant setup. You can also take advantage of free trials to get a feel of what you’d expect.

If a company setups your free trial in minutes, they’ll probably offer the same or better services for a paid server.

DDoS Protection

Cyber attackers are incredibly crafty and will attack a hosting company in an attempt to steal customer data. During these attacks, you can expect the servers to shut down, thus rendering all games unplayable.

This is not what you’re paying for; thus, as a precaution, ensure that the hosting company offers DDoS protection. Customer is the king; as such, you have the option to choose a server that won’t experience downtime due to a DDoS attack.

Billing Cycle or Length

Most companies offer 3 or 4 billing cycles, and they typically range from one month to a year. The longer the billing cycle, the cheaper it becomes for you as the customer.

For example, monthly billing cycles typically have no discounts, but an annual cycle can have a discount ranging from 10-20%.


You can’t forget customer support as you’ll need help if you encounter problems with your server, backups, game slots, etc. Therefore, check if the company offers 24/7 support just in case you need it.

Also, check customer reviews on the company’s services to ensure that they deliver as advertised. You see, some companies claim to offer 24/7 support but are rarely available and have rude customer support agents.

Support is typically included in the standard package unless you want to upgrade to priority. If the company is charging for support and offers very little, that’s a red flag.

Final Thoughts

You can’t underestimate the importance of a good hosting provider when playing a game like unturned. It’s a cloud-based game like any other, and it needs a few features to run at optimal capacity.

The hosting companies listed above provide most if not all the features you need to enjoy multiplayer gaming. Most of these companies also offer highly-available customer support teams who ensure that you don’t experience any downtime.

You can also opt to host your server, which is an intriguing concept. However, before you settle for this option, check if you meet the recommended requirements to host the server. Compare the cost of renting a server vs. hosting your own server to which is cheaper.

That said, we are hopeful that our guide was helpful and that you find the best unturned server hosting for your needs.

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