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Best Insurgency Server Hosting

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Last updated on December 20th, 2020 at 11:56 am

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a perfect multiplayer shooter game that delivers a sense of realism and an immersive experience. Unlike other games such as Call of Duty, Insurgency does not have the common pitfalls of military simulation.

Everything on this game feels unique and real, thanks to the impactful graphics, percussive sound, and modern assault rifles. For you to enjoy this game with your friends, you might want to invest in a dedicated Insurgency server.

Most gamers prefer to rent or buy an Insurgency Server from hosting companies. All you need to ensure is that you are getting value for your money.

The best Insurgency Server hosting should guarantee low pings, privacy, customization, and the ability to pick specific maps. Unless you want to stick to the official matchmaking servers, you can choose your ideal insurgency host server from the list below.

Server Host
Starting Price | Instant Set-up | DDoS Protection | Slots | Free Trial
Zap Hosting
€6.90 | Yes | Free | 10-32 | No
$9.98 | Yes | Free | Unlimited | Yes
Streamline Servers
$7.5 | Yes | Free | 10 – 64 | No
€8.90 | Yes | No | 10 – 70 | No
GTXGaming UK
£3.60 | Yes | Free | 8 – 32 | No
$8.10 | Yes | Yes | 10-64 | 48-Hour free trial

What Are The Best Insurgency Host Servers?

Here Are the 6 Best Insurgency Host Servers Available




  • Lots of data centers worldwide
  • Automatic server setup
  • Top-notch hardware
  • Decent customer support
  • Multiple payment options


  • Canceling the prepaid option is annoying

Starting Price: €6.90| Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Free | Slots: 10-32 | Free Trial: No


Renting an Insurgency server from ZAP-Hosting is the surest way to ensure that you are getting good value for your money. This company has been renting out game servers for almost a decade, meaning they’ve got unmatched experience in the industry.

Renting an Insurgency server hosting plan from ZAP is pretty straightforward. You just have to choose the number of game server slots, additional memory if needed, and server location. Once you are done, the company will prompt you to make payment using your preferred method.

Being the best Insurgency server hosting, ZAP supports a wide variety of payment methods. You can choose to pay with a credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, ZAP coins, EPS, Paysafecard, Giropay, and others. Once payment is confirmed, ZAP will set up the server immediately.

Moving on, allows you to choose the kind of hardware you would like your server to be hosted on. The standard package has a 2.0 – 3.4GHz CPU, an SSD, and DDR3/4 memory.

On the other hand, you can get the premium package, which includes an M.2 SSD, DDR4 memory, and 3.4 – 4.4GHz gaming CPU.

When renting your Insurgency Server, you have the option of choosing the billing cycle. Besides, this company also provides DDoS protection, decent customer support, an easy-to-use control panel, and one-click updates.




  • Allows you to swap games without extra costs
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Free trial
  • No laggy servers


  • Long response times from the support team

Starting Price: $9.98| Instant Set-up: YesDDoS Protection: Free| Slots: Unlimited | Free Trial: Yes


If you are looking for a company that will allow you to make all the server rules, then you should consider hosting your Insurgency server with Nodecraft. This company makes it easier for your coop server to get started.

Unlike most game server hosting providers, Nodecraft offers a free trial to all its clients. The no-obligation trial makes it possible for you to test all the features before committing your money.

The other feature we like about Nodecraft is the control panel. You can access it via desktop or mobile. At least you can always monitor what is going on with your server from a smartphone.

Besides, most gamers find this control panel quite easy to use. Beginners can make configuration changes and customize their server settings without any hassles.

When you host insurgency servers with Nodecraft, you won’t have to worry about performance. All their game servers are run on enterprise-grade hardware.

We are talking about overclocked CPUs, 240GB SSDs, highly clocked 32GB ECC RAM, and enterprise-grade HDDs for running the OS and backups. Rest assured, you will enjoy smooth gameplay without worrying about crashing or laggy servers.

Nodecraft allows you to spawn an Insurgency server near your location, thanks to their 12 data centers distributed worldwide.

If you have so many friends that are willing to play Insurgency Sandstorm, then Nodecraft should cut it for you because it provides unlimited player slots on all its pricing plans. The cheapest plan starts at $9.98 per month, while the most expensive plan goes for $39.98 per month.

Other features you might like include free DDoS protection, free backups, dedicated IP, dedicated support, and the ability to swap games.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers
Streamline Servers


  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Fast customer support
  • Free DDoS protection
  • Excellent latency and low pings


  • They charge for daily backups

Starting Price: $7.5| Instant Set-up: YesDDoS Protection: Free| Slots: 10 – 64 | Free Trial: No


Streamline Servers is the go-to company if you want to spawn an Insurgency Server with great ping and latency. This gaming server provider is well known for renting out reliable and stable servers. We have tried their services for a few months, and the experience was incredible.

Below are a few features that make this company one of the best Insurgency server hosts.

Going by what most gamers who use Streamline-Servers services say, this company is the best in terms of customer support. You can count on them to come through every time you need urgent help. Their response times are pretty fast, and the support team is friendly and resourceful at the same time.

As is the norm with most hosting providers, Streamline-Servers will instantly set up your Insurgency server with all the files running from the get-go.

What’s better, you will have an easy time loading in mods as it’s just a matter of one click, and you are done.

The other fantastic aspect is that you will have complete FTP control over any configuration files and mods. You will be able to control everything from the friendly control panel that Streamline-Servers offer.

This company has plenty of data centers set up all over the world. You can have your Insurgency server set up in Europe, Asia, North America, Canada, or South America. Always choose a data center that is close to you to enhance fast reaction times and smooth gameplay.

When purchasing a gaming server from this provider, you’ll be allowed to choose the number of player slots, CPU priority, and CPU speed as well.




  • 5 Day Money-back guarantee
  • Low latency Networks
  • Free Voice Server
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring


  • Customer support is not available 24/7

Starting Price: €8.90| Instant Set-up: YesDDoS Protection: No| Slots: 10 – 70 | Free Trial: No


Fragnet is one of the leading providers in the game hosting services industry. It is a Swedish company, but it operates a network of game servers spread out over thirty different locations.

So, if you are looking to rent an Insurgency server, Fragnet might have the best deal for you. Below are a few things Fragnet has to offer:

First off, ordering a game server from Fragnet should be a smooth process. All you have to do is choose your ideal billing cycle, the server location, number of player slots (10 – 70), and a voice server location. You will also be required to name your server and key in your RCON password.

Paying for your Insurgency Server hosting should be pretty easy because Fragnet accepts a variety of payment platforms.

Moreover, the company allows other players in your server to contribute payments via the Clanpay Group Pay feature.

Moving on, Fragnet provides all their clients with all the tools required to run a successful server. Of course, this includes a One-click mod install, a Fragnet Game Panel, and 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring.

GTXGaming UK



  • Daily offsite backups
  • Game switching is available
  • 24 hours money-back guarantee
  • Guaranteed privacy and security


  • Lacks live chat support

Starting Price: £3.60| Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Free| Slots: 8 – 32 | Free Trial: No


If you are yet to find a company that will float your boat, then you might want to check GTX Gaming UK out. You can order a decent Insurgency Server Hosting from them, and you won’t be disappointed. This company will give you an unmatched hosting experience together with your team.

GTX Gaming UK uses top-notch hardware to ensure that all their clients enjoy high-end servers. All their machines use up-to-date processors, DDR4 memory, and SSD drives. This explains why all their game servers have the best possible ping and FPS.

With GTX, you enjoy full control of your Insurgency Sandstorm server via an elegant web interface. Configuring your server should be easy, thanks to the sliders and drop-down menus. In case you prefer manual configuration, you can make use of the full FTP access and text editors.

In case you want a friend to help you manage your insurgency server, simply create a sub-user. You can restrict some permissions to the sub-user so as to limit control over the server.

When buying an Insurgency Server host from GTX, you have the freedom of choosing your preferred CPU priority, CPU clock speed, memory allocation, and ticket priority support.




  • 4-hour free trial
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free 1GB web space
  • Desktop/mobile control panel


  • Control panel is a bit complicated for beginners

Starting Price: $8.10 | Instant Set-up: Yes | DDoS Protection: Yes | Slots: 10-64 | Free Trial: 48-Hour free trial


PingPerfect happens to be our last pick, but that does not mean it’s any worse. This company has its Insurgency servers running in various data centers across the world. At least you can enjoy their gaming services no matter where you are located.

Renting a game server with PingPerfect guarantees you full control over everything. You get access to an easy to use game panel and full access to both File browser and FTP protocols for starters.

Moving on, this company offers Free Webhosting, which should come in handy when communicating with your game server members. You can also use the 1GB web space for advertising your server.

When configuring your Insurgency server, you’ll be allowed to choose up to 64 player slots and up to 250 Teamspeak3 slots. You can also improve your game server’s performance by choosing a high CPU priority and a server hosted on SSD.

Other features you might like include DDoS protection, game switching facility, full backup system, free debranding, and instant server setup.

Can You Host Your Insurgency Server?

Yes, it is possible to set up your Insurgency Sandstorm server. All you need to do is have a PC with the latest processor, DDR4 Ram, and the latest Graphics card. You will also need to have strong internet access and power your PC for 24 hours a day.

Once you have everything set up, download steamcmd for windows, and get it running. After this is done, install the Insurgency server, and you’ll be good to go.

How Much Is an Insurgency Server?

An Insurgency server’s cost varies depending on the hosting provider, CPU priority, geographical location, number of player slots, etc.

What to Look For When Getting The Best Insurgency Server Hosting


Every gamer wants to have a responsive server, one that won’t crash, lag, or have high ping rates. Always check what customers have to say about the game servers of various companies.

Do they have downtimes? What about the latency? All these questions will help you choose the ideal company.

Multiple Players

All the game server providers give clients the option to choose the number of player slots they need. Your choice should be influenced by the number of players you want to have on the server.

Location of Game Servers

The location of your game server should be determined by where you live. Your preferred host might not have a data center in your client, but it might have one near your location—the closer the server, the better the gameplay.

Mods Allowed

Insurgency has various mods that make it enjoyable. With this in mind, you want to rent a server that allows you to upload and install mods seamlessly.

Setting Up

Setting up a game server is not always easy, especially for beginners. Always go with a host who provides instant setup or one who will hold your hand during the setup process.

DDoS Protection

Always check whether the Insurgency server host you are about to choose offers free DDoS protection. It is an essential feature for those who value the security of their servers.

Billing Cycle or Length

How long or often would you like to rent an Insurgency server from your hosting company? You can do it monthly, bi-annually, annually, or after every 3 months.

Always check whether the company provides discounts on various billing cycles.


When choosing a hosting provider, it’s essential to check how fast the support team responds to issues or queries. A good company should have various avenues for customers to reach them.

Final Thoughts

Insurgency has won fans for its gameplay, and it is impossible not to get hooked to this game. Make sure you unleash the fun by purchasing or renting a decent Insurgency server hosting.

This way, it will be possible to compete with multiple players online.

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