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Best Fivem Server Hosting in 2021 [Complete List]

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The installation of mods in GTA V improves the gaming experience and allows gamers to choose the kind of immersion they want. Some choose to role play as cops, criminals, shop clerks, etc.

You can get mods from any of the sites available, but the most popular is FiveM. To get FiveM, you’ll need to head to their website and download it. Once everything is set, you’ll also need the best FiveM server hosting, which you can purchase from any of the available hosting companies.

The majority of these servers will offer almost the same experience. The main differences will be accessibility, scale, slots, and pricing.

We’ve sifted through tons of hosting companies and found a hosting company that will suit your needs. Below is the best Fivem server hosting.


ZAP-Hosting best Fivem server hosting.


  • Many payment methods
  • Backups
  • Affordable prices
  • Reliable uptime


  • Lacks phone support

Starting Price: $5.78 | Instant Set-up: Available| DDoS Protection: Provided| Slots: up to 128| Free Trial: Not available


Zap Hosting is FiveM’s official server provider and offers tons of customization.

The servers are typically set up instantly, but the setup process might take longer in extremely rare occasions. If this happens, Zaphosting will send you an email when it’s complete.

Since the servers are preconfigured, you can communicate with support to customize the server according to your needs.

In case you’re worried about RAM,  FiveM is said to be RAM efficient; thus, if you don’t intend to use mods, the standard RAM should be sufficient. If you intend to utilize mods, be sure to upgrade to a server with more RAM via the Upgrade function.

The amount of RAM needed to enjoy a seamless gaming experience is dependent on factors such as slots. Thus, Zaphosting will automatically allocate sufficient RAM based on the slots you select. Keep in mind that 1024 RAM should be sufficient for less than 10 players.

Additional features include an SSD server, 328GB DDR4-RAM, Full access via FTP, Intel E5-2650v4 processors, backups, live chat support, and an online configuration editor.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Fivem Server?

The cost of hosting a FiveM server is dependent on the hosting company and package that you choose. For example, on Zap-Hosting, the starting price is $5.78, but it goes up as you customize your hosting package.

The more slots you choose, the more RAM you’ll need, thus raising the cost. Additional memory will add to the price.

What To Look For When Getting The Best FiveM Server Hosting

Here are some of the factors we considered when selecting the options listed above:


You’ve probably heard the term latency thrown around in your gaming circles. Latency is measured as ping, and it’s time it takes to send data from your PC to the game servers and back. It’s typically measured in milliseconds; thus, if the latency to connect to a server is about 100ms, it means that it takes 100ms to send data to your FiveM server and back to your PC.

How does this affect your gaming experience? Ideally, you want low latency, which is why gamers choose servers with the lowest latency. The lower the latency, the better the gaming experience as you’ll enjoy smoother gameplay.

Also, remember that a fast custom built PC and fast internet won’t guarantee low latency. You need to rule out all factors if you’re experiencing low latency. You can start by checking that you have a stable internet connection above the recommended speed for online gaming.

If your speed is fine, check the game servers as some tend to run slow. This is why you’ll want to read reviews and see what users are saying about the latency. Also, check the server location you choose as it affects latency.

The best latency is under 20ms, but you can also enjoy the gameplay when the latency ranges from 20-100ms.  If it goes past 100ms to 150ms, it’s still workable, but you might not enjoy maximum performance. Anything above 150ms will cause noticeable lag and performance issues.

Location of server

If you’re currently in the US and want to enjoy a smooth gaming experience, choose a server that’s close to your location. You don’t have to choose a server in India, Australia, or South Africa when there are servers closer to you.

If all your players are in the US, choose the closest server as it will reduce the distance traveled, thus reducing the latency.

Multiple Players

How many players will join you? The number of players who will play the game will determine the number of slots you choose, the server location, and RAM.

Billing Cycle

If you opt for Zap hosting, you can enjoy flexible billing intervals, depending on how you’d like it set up. For example, you can opt to pay once for each interval, which can extend up to 5 years. A longer interval typically comes with a discount.

You can even get lifetime servers which you’ll pay only once. Unfortunately, this offer only applies to Minecraft servers.

Setting up

How long does it take to set up? Do they offer instant setup? You want to configure, pay, and be online in minutes. If you’re willing to wait, that’s fine, but they should update you on progress.

Mods allowed

Modding games can be quite hectic; thus, you want a hosting package that simplifies the process. If you don’t like mods, you can choose the vanilla setup, which is a basic configuration.

If you choose to add mods, check whether the game allows you to add mods to a server. Once you connect to the server, your PC will initiate the download, making it easier for multiple players to join without worrying about mods.

When adding mods, check the number of mods that the server allows. Also, when adding mods, don’t add all at once, making it harder to troubleshoot. Start by adding a few, troubleshoot, then continue until you have the entire list of mods.

DDoS Protection

Most hosting companies will have DDoS protection for their servers, but you want protection designed explicitly for FiveM. This ensures that your servers are protected even when you max out on the multiplayer options.

Also, check whether the company regularly upgrades its DDoS protection system to provide a safe experience for the players.


Ideally, you want a hosting company that offers 24/7 support to provide the assistance you require. However, keep in mind that 24/7 support on its own isn’t enough. You need technical support staff who are patient enough to listen to your queries and are willing to help.

If a company says that they offer instant setup, you’d expect that you’d be live in minutes once you pay and everything is cleared. If this doesn’t happen, you’d expect that the company would communicate any delays and try to rectify it.

Choose a company that will communicate if any issue arises. Read reviews of their services to check if users have reviewed the company’s support.

Also, confirm whether the company’s support is as responsive as they claim on their website. Some claim to reply to queries in minutes but take days to respond or send you links to articles. You want to avoid such companies as they’re only making it harder for you.

When you engage customer support, you want to talk to an expert or at least a support agent who will understand your issue.

Zap-Hosting offers a live chat option that works as advertised. You’ll get a response in under ten minutes, and the agents are quite resourceful.

Wrapping up

Zap-Hosting is arguably the best FiveM server hosting, and if you don’t trust this, you can trust FiveM who’ve chosen them as their official server provider.