Is AMD Or Intel Better For SOLIDWORKS? [Answered]

Both INTEL and AMD manufacture processors and graphic cards which would run SolidWorks excellently. The high-end CPUs and GPUs from these companies trade blows frequently. Performance difference mostly resides between 1.5% and 4% depending on the kind of task which is being run by the CPU. Example: In a rendering test, an AMD processor would … Read more

What Is Hyper-V And What Is Its Use? [Answered]

Hyper-V is short for the hypervisor, which is software used to create and run virtual machines on x86-64 systems running windows.  It is also termed a virtual machine monitor(VMM). Hypervisors have two versions, that define the characteristics and how they virtualize. They are type 1 and type 2. TYPE 1: Referred to as bare-metal.  The … Read more

Do You Need a Good PC to Run a VM? [Answered]

Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual representation of physical computer hardware, storage and network resources. Hardware virtualization is one of the most common kind since it’s explained as the creation of a virtual machine to host a separate OS. Most people use hardware virtualization to use and also test applications on their supported … Read more

What Kind Of Computer Do I Need For SolidWorks? [Answered]

Computer-aided design is used by architects, engineers and those in construction. It helps to visualize both 2D and 3D renderings, which leads to the early discovery of errors. As a professional, you would need a workstation to render all your prototypes and simulations. And since SolidWorks is a demanding software, we are here to answer … Read more

What Do I Need For a HTPC? [Answered]

Home theatre PCs are awesome, especially when you are able to synergize all the components and have them working as expected. Building a PC is serious business, and requires technical knowledge, even for an HTPC build. This article goes through the essentials for an HTPC build. System Requirements For HTPC Processor Depending on your requirements, … Read more

What is the Point of a Home Theater PC? [Answered]

HTPC, an abbreviation that stands for home theatre personal computer. It is meant to be a device with special functions. A home theatre pc supports audio and video playback, video editing, and in some cases gaming functionalities. In the 2010s, there was an uptick in smart media devices, Blu-ray players and Smart Televisions, and gaming … Read more

Do You Need A Good Computer For Music Production? [Answered]

The music industry has evolved to a point where most individuals could produce music with just a laptop. However, in the pursuit of creating amazing tunes, you need a well-specced system to ensure that you can handle the different tiers of music creation. Music production has a lot of subfields such as audio technician, sound … Read more

What Does an Elgato Capture Card Do? [Answered]

A capture card is a device, used to capture content shown on-screen. The capture card is mostly used to live stream games or record gameplay which is posted later on Youtube, Instagram or Twitch. One of the most popular recording devices is the Elgato capture card. This article explains how the Elgato capture card works. … Read more

Does CPU Matter in Machine and Deep Learning? – Answered

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine learning which is under Artificial Intelligence, that is just a term used for any computer that does smart things. Deep learning is based on artificial neural networks, and uses multiple layers of processing to extract high-level features from raw input. Machine learning on the other hand is the … Read more