Underclocking GPU and Undervolting GPU? 3 Benefits On Why You Should Do It

High temperatures are a problem in the gaming. Thermal throttling, loud noise due to fan kicking into overdrive, performance instabilities and reduction of lifespan of the hardware are some of the effects of high temperatures. There are two solutions to this – underclocking and undervolting the GPU. What risks do these solutions carry? If you … Read more

Is AMD FreeSync Worth It? [Pros & Cons] |

Freesync technology is AMD’s weapon to rival NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. What they have in common is that they both seek to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering in games. As a PC gamer, you will definitely wonder about getting a monitor that has AMD Freesync. Because powerful hardware needs a powerful display. This question becomes important … Read more

What Is Ghosting In Gaming [Monitor Ghosting] And How To Fix It

You are playing a fast-paced shooter or RPG game and you notice after-images here and there on your display. This then quickly gets out of hand and turns your gaming experience into a complete nightmare. Colours become distorted. Images are blurred and have some kind of smearing effect. You can’t make out your surroundings well. … Read more