Are Small Keyboards Better in 2022?

Are small keyboards better? Small keyboards have their advantages but there is a limit.

Over the years small keyboards have become popular. Does that justify getting one? They might or might not, here’s why.

Is A Smaller Keyboard Better For Ergonomics?

Smaller keyboards are just smaller and don’t improve ergonomics in any way. They are just more compact, portable and leave a lot of space for other things.

Also, you don’t have to reach a lot compared to using a full-size keyboard. Finally, small keyboards are fantastic if you have small hands. They feel much better and more natural than full-size keyboards.

Key placement, the layout of the keyboard, and keyboard angle are the major factors that control ergonomics not the size of the keyboard.

Are Mini Keyboards Good?

Mini keyboards are fantastic options for full-size keyboards i.e. if you don’t use the Numpad. Because they are smaller you have much more desk space compared to a full-size keyboard.

Are Smaller Keyboards Better?

Moreover, they are compact and portable making them easy to carry with you or travel.

Why Do Gamers Use Small Keyboards?

Gamers use small keyboards because of their aesthetic appeal. Small keyboards make gaming set-ups look cleaner and minimalistic.

Furthermore, a small keyboard means they don’t have to move their hands much to press a key. And this small difference makes it have a massive advantage over bigger keyboards leading to faster inputs.

Is a 40% Keyboard Too Small?

It’s small but not that small. A 40% keyboard is 40% the size or has 40% the number of keys of a full-size keyboard.

Some keys will not be present in a 40% size keyboard and if you use those keys a lot. Then it might be too small for you.

There is also the option of key remapping a 40% keyboard allowing you to access other missing keys.

However, if you are new to that then there is quite the learning curve which can lead to wasted time and frustrations if you don’t benefit from it.

Key remapping is mostly used for VIM and Emacs editors to improve efficiency and typing speed. But that after a considerable amount of practice.

Are Small Keyboards Good For Gaming?

The only advantage smaller keyboards have in gaming is that you don’t have to reach much to press a key.

This results in faster key inputs because the keyboard isn’t that big and that small difference can determine your movement and response in gaming.

What Size Keyboard Is Best?

Full-size, TKL (Ten Keyless), 75% and 65% keyboards are the best size keyboards. They have the most important keys, and if you aren’t familiar with key remapping then there is no reason to get anything smaller.

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