Are Korean Monitors Still Worth It in 2022?

Korean monitors are fantastic monitor options for gamers. They are cheaper on average, have the same resolution and refresh rate as other well-known monitor brands.

However, most Korean monitors are either not branded or well-known. This creates doubts about the quality of a Korean monitor.

Fortunately, Korean monitors are still great buys and some are well-established brands. This brings us to the question, are Korean monitors still worth it? Read on to find out the answer.  

Are Korean Monitors Good?

Korean monitors used to be and are still popular amongst gamers. Korean monitors used to be nameless but most have rebranded themselves into well-known names.

For example, Sceptre, GTEK and AOC. In terms of quality, they have become better over the years and compete with major monitor brands whiles being cheaper on average.

The build quality is decent to great depending on the brand and the price. The refresh rate ranges from 75Hz – 300Hz and 1080p to 4K resolutions.

Competitive specifications depend on the price of the model. If you are thinking about getting a Korean monitor, you should definitely get one. Just make sure it has a warranty and decent reviews.

Pros And Cons Of Korean Monitors



Korean monitors on average cost less than other monitor brands. That means you can save money getting a high resolution and refresh rate monitor.

Compared to where you have to pay more just because of the brand name.


The biggest advantage of owning a Korean monitor is being able to overclock it. Some not all Korean monitors are easy to overclock provided you know what you are doing.

You can greatly increase the refresh rate resulting in smoother gameplay minus visual distortions (ghosting, screen tearing and stuttering).

However, you need the required technical know-how to successfully overclock a Korean monitor or you might run into problems.


Not Well-known

Most Korean monitors either do not have brand names or come from small brands you might have never heard of.

This makes you have some doubts when purchasing one of these. Moreover, some don’t have great warranties compared to big-name brands because their reputation isn’t at stake.

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  • Fortunately, there are great Korean monitor brands such as Sceptre, AOC and GTEK that offer decent customer service and warranty.  

    Not The Best Display or Quality

    Cheap products mean cheap construction materials and that results in sub-par displays, build quality and more.

    Cheap Korean monitors will always have bad colour accuracy and in some cases screen bleeding, weak stands, etc.

    Can Korean Monitors Be Overclocked?

    Overclocking is something manufacturers do not state in their specification sheets.

    Not all but some Korean monitors can be overclocked but technical know-how or great guides are needed for proper overclocking.

    If you are inexperienced you will be better off getting a Korean monitor that has your desired refresh rate.

    You can also gain experience in overclocking by getting a cheap Korean monitor and learning how to overclock the refresh rate. That way if something goes wrong your money won’t be wasted.

    Where To Get Korean Monitors?

    Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Microcenter, etc. are where you can get Korean monitors. If you are undecided on which monitor to get. You can read our list of the best Korean monitors.

    Why Are Korean Monitors So Cheap?

    Korean monitors are so cheap because the construction and build quality are made from cheap products.

    The better the construction materials the more expensive and high quality the product will be and vice versa. This applies to all products whether Korean or non-Korean.

    However, they are some high-quality Korean monitors and Samsung is an example.

    Most people forget that Samsung is a South Korean company and one of the biggest electronic producers and that includes monitors.

    Are Korean Monitors Still Worth It?

    Yes, Korean monitors are still worth it provided it has great build quality, display and warranty.

    There are so many great Korean monitor brands that fantastic options to well-known brands with the added benefit of overclocking if you know what you are doing.

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