What is the Point of a Home Theater PC? [Answered]

HTPC, an abbreviation that stands for home theatre personal computer. It is meant to be a device with special functions.

A home theatre pc supports audio and video playback, video editing, and in some cases gaming functionalities.

In the 2010s, there was an uptick in smart media devices, Blu-ray players and Smart Televisions, and gaming consoles.

This created the need for an all-in-one PC that could handle their tasks with ease.

Some people say HTPC is outdated, but actually, it has evolved to match the current technological advancements somewhat.

Examples of modern HTPC is a video-editing build and an Elgato streaming build.

What Is A HTPC Used For?

Home theatre personal computers have many use cases, one of which is storage through a local drive, or network drive.

HTPC are entertainment systems that are supposed to connect to your television through HDMI. Home theatre PC have two main uses:

  • Media centre
  • Normal TV.

A media centre is a consolidation of all the media player applications into one device. So users get more out of their HTPC, instead of owning a single Chromecast, or Amazon Firestick.

You would have access to a larger library for entertainment.

HTPC could be built with a television tuner card, which works as an antenna to scan and receive tv stations, that could be watched live on your home theatre pc.

Should You Build A HTPC?

The Home theatre personal computer has evolved into an unrestricted technology.

Building an HTPC in 2021 means that you would have to factor in other details that were not available in their early stages.

You would need to know your use cases. Examples are:

  • Are you a video game streamer?
  • Do you need a PC that can edit videos?
  • And in rare cases, are you going to use the HTPC to code later on?

The above mentioned are some of the few questions you need to ask yourself when you are trying to build an HTPC.

Modern PC builds of any kind could get expensive much quicker, so it’s important to know your use cases before you start buying parts.

Can You Play Games On HTPC?

Some custom pre-built PCs come with specifications that are good enough to game on.

Do You Need Graphics Card For HTPC?

If you would not be gaming on the HTPC there is no need for it, the Integrated Graphics card within the CPU is enough.

Any kind of workloads such as video editing, or gaming, would need a dedicated GPU to run without issue.

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