Are Beyerdynamic Headphones Good For Gaming?

Beyerdynamic headphones are one of the best and most popular headphones for listening to music.

They are considered audiophile headphones because of their fantastic sound quality. But how does that translate to gaming?

Are Beyerdynamic headphones good for gaming? The short answer is yes. But there are a few downsides.

Are Beyerdynamic Headphones Any Good?

Yes, Beyerdynamic headphones are considered audiophile headphones. This means they are one of the best when it comes to sound quality.

Can You Use Beyerdynamic Headphones For Gaming?

Yes, Beyerdynamic headphones can be used for gaming. Beyerdynamic has made headphones meant for each category. The music and gaming category.

Headphones meant for listening to music i.e., DT880, DT770, etc. can be used for gaming. However, these don’t come with microphones and gaming headphone features.

The Beyerdynamic gaming headphones have an in-built microphone and gaming features. Although the sound quality isn’t as great as Beyerdynamic traditional headphones.

They excel in the gaming category. You can use traditional headphones for gaming if you want to take advantage of the superior sound quality.

If you do so, get a microphone for communication between your teammates.

Are Beyerdynamic Good For Gaming?

The non-gaming Beyerdynamic headphones are great for gaming. Here are the pros and cons if you decide to go with them.


Sound Quality

The traditional Beyerdynamic headphones are known to have amazing sound quality. There is a big difference between coming from a Taotronics to Beyerdynamic.

Beyerdynamic is known to have a flat neutral sound that pays great attention to music detail.

In gaming, the wide soundstage of the headphones makes it easy to pinpoint the location of in-game sounds.

That includes judging the direction of footsteps in a competitive online shooter game.

Naturally, the sound quality is also great in Beyerdynamic gaming headphones. But, still can’t be compared to the traditional headphones (DT990, DT770, DT880, etc.)


Beyerdynamic employs the use of over-ear breathable soft earpads. This prevents your ears from getting sweaty.

The soft earpads ensure that the headphones can be worn for long periods without experiencing discomfort. Comfort is very important because hours pass by quickly when gaming.

Excellent Construction

Beyerdynamic headphones are made from high-quality materials. The headphones are well-built and will last a long time.


No Mic

Beyerdynamic non-gaming headphones don’t come with a mic. You have no means of communicating with your teammates.

Unless you buy a microphone. Only the Beyerdynamic headphones come with a microphone.


Most of the Beyerdynamic gaming headphones are quite expensive. The non-gaming Beyerdynamic headphones also have expensive options.

You should have a good amount of money before purchasing a Beyerdynamic headphone. If not, fortunately, popular Beyerdynamic headphones are quite affordable like the DT770.

Final Thoughts

Beyerdynamic headphones are fantastic options for gaming. The superior sound quality and comfort put them leagues above other gaming headphones.

Unless you don’t use a microphone, Beyerdynamic headphones are good for gaming.

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