Is A 60% Keyboard Better For FPS? [Answered]

60% keyboards are basically keyboards that have 60% of the size of full-size keyboards. They are very popular in the gaming community and widely recommended.

If you play online competitive FPS shooter games and planning to get a 60% percent. We answer the question – are 60% keyboards good for FPS? In this article.

Is A 60% Keyboard Better For FPS?

So you plan on getting a 60% keyboard for Overwatch, Valorant, COD, Apex Legends, CS:GO, etc. to improve your gameplay and killstreaks.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a 60% keyboard before getting one.



60% keyboards are one of the smallest keyboards you can find. This makes it easy to carry around with you to work, a friend’s place, or another country.

You can’t do that with a full-size keyboard making it worthwhile to own a 60% keyboard if you move around a lot.

How To Choose The Right Keyboard

Saves Desk Space

The 60% keyboard leaves more space for a desk for other things. And if you have a smaller desk then a 60% keyboard will be perfect for your work or gaming set-up.

Layout Customization

Because 60% keyboards are not full-size. They are easy to customize. You can customize the layouts or key inputs giving you limitless options on what your 60% keyboard can do.

Layout customization can greatly increase your typing speed, gaming inputs, or more because you already have a layout that you are most comfortable with increasing your efficiency.

Looks Cool

You have seen all the pictures of gaming set-ups with 60% keyboards. Don’t you agree they look cool? Even far better than the normal gaming set-ups.

A Beautiful 60% Keyboard



60% keyboards on average are more expensive than normal mechanical keyboards.

They are somewhat a niche product requiring you to spend more because of the advantages they provide.

Learning Curve

If you have never used a 60% keyboard switching over to one will take some time to get used to. They are no arrow keys and the layout is quite different from the full-size keyboard.

So you might make some typing errors or mistakenly press keys that you didn’t intend on pressing. Because of this, it takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, this doesn’t take a lot of time.  

Do Pro Players Use 60% Keyboards?

For personal use, they might use a 60% keyboard. Pro players are sponsored by big companies to use their products.

This makes you also want to get the same equipment as them.

Although equipment plays a great role in owning your opponents in a competitive online game by reducing game distortions i.e., no lag, ghosting, screen tearing, etc.

60% Keyboard Clean Set-up

Your experience and skill are the biggest things after having a fantastic gaming rig.

Doesn’t really matter if it’s a 60% keyboard or 100%, once the keyboard does a fantastic job in registering your input during gaming quickly. Then that’s all the matters.

How Good Is A 60% Keyboard?

A 60% keyboard is simply a keyboard that’s 60% of a full-size keyboard. 60% keyboards are awesome options if you value compactness above everything else.

In addition to that, you don’t move your hands over a long distance which improves the speed of your inputs.

They are smaller and easier to carry with you when moving around. 60% keyboards retain all the advantages of mechanical keyboards: RGB, mechanical switches, etc.

Just know you will be missing the arrow, home, page up, down and other keys on a 60% keyboard.

Why Is 60% Keyboard Better?

60% keyboards are better because they are more compact, a great option if you have small desk space or want to space on desk space.

The other advantage of a 60% keyboard is the fact that you move your hand over a small space compared to a full-size keyboard.

This is a massive advantage when playing games because you don’t have to move your fingers all the way to the end to press a button.

Is TKL Better Than 60%?

TKL are better options than 60% keyboards if you use the arrow keys a lot. Aside from that, TKL keyboards are pretty much equal to 60% keyboards.

Final Thoughts

60% keyboards are great options for FPS gaming. They are more compact and you don’t have to move your hands a lot when pressing keys. This can improve your gaming getting better kills and more.

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