Are 27-inch Monitors Worth It? Pros and Cons

27-inch monitors are the next popular monitor size after 24-inches. Are 27-inch monitors worth it? The short answer is yes.

But, that’s for 1080p resolutions and above. 27-inch monitors come with a lot of benefits that we shall outline below.

Is It Worth It to Get A 27-Inch Monitor?

Yes, 27-inch monitors are great for productivity, work, gaming, coding, etc. Large displays make it easier to put a lot of applications side by side. A 27-inch monitor allows you to sit farther away. 


Right size

24-inch and 27-inch monitors are considered the right size when it comes to monitors. Because our eyes find it easier to concentrate on these displays compared to smaller or bigger displays.

Not so big for your eyes to move all around and not so small for you to strain your eyes. In other words, there is less eye movement and strain when using 27-inch monitors.


The large size of a 27-inch monitor makes it easy to put multiple applications side by side. Unless you have a two or three monitor set-up.

This allows you to get more work done. Bigger is better but that’s only up to a certain point i.e., 27-inches.

Immersion Improvement

Bigger displays make it easier to be immersed in whatever entertainment you are watching. This is why movie theatres have large screens.

Because the bigger display makes you feel more immersed compared to a small screen. It’s also one of the reasons why large TV sizes are popular for entertainment and console gaming.


Takes up a lot of desk space

27-inch monitors take up a lot of space. Large desks are highly recommended for 27-inch monitors. This leaves enough space for other items.

Can be difficult to transport

Because of their large size, care has to be taken when moving a 27-inch monitor from one place to another.

Make sure to keep the original box to make it easy when transporting the monitor to a new place.

Care has to be taken

Bigger displays make it easy to hit or bump into if improperly positioned.

Take ample time to find the right position in avoiding accidental bumps that can cause damage to the monitor.

Are 27-Inch Curved Monitors Worth It?

Curved monitors have beautiful aesthetics and are great if you want to be immersed in a task. A reason why curved monitors are popular for gaming.

However, for anything else, 27-inch curved monitors are not worth it. In addition to that, curved monitors are more expensive. You will benefit more from a regular 27-inch monitor.

Is 1080p Too Low For 27-inch Monitor?

Yes, 1080p resolution is too low for a 27-inch monitor. At that resolution, the PPI (pixel per inch) is low and pictures will look grainy.

A 27-inch monitor at 1080p resolution has approximately 82 pixels per inch. At that PPI graininess becomes more obvious to your eyes.

Monitors that have PPI less than 90 will show a graininess to people with normal vision. That’s why it’s recommended to get 27-inch monitors that have resolutions higher than 1080p.

1440p and 4K resolutions are the best and most popular.

To calculate the PPI of monitors, the formula is to find the square root of the diagonal in inches using the Pythagoras theorem and divide it by the monitor’s inches.

Is Full HD Enough at 27-inch?

You can do this for every monitor to determine if the resolution will cause graininess or not.

Is 27Inch 4k Worth It?

Yes, 27-inch 4K monitors are worth it. They are sharper, have better color accuracy, and are more vibrant. This makes them the best for graphic work, video editing, etc.

Anything that benefits from high resolution. 27-inch monitors 4K monitors with high refresh rate display making great gaming monitors.

The high resolution and sharpness make playing games more immersive. However, 27-inch 4K monitors are more expensive and require a bigger budget.

Final Thoughts

After 24-inch monitors, 27-inches is the best display size for a monitor. The size makes the monitor great for almost everything.

Just make sure not to get a 27-inch monitor that has 1080p resolution unless you have a tight budget.

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