60% vs 65% Keyboard: Which is Better in 2022?

60% and 65% keyboards are the most popular keyboard types amongst gamers. They look cool, stylish, and minimalistic. But what are the differences between them?

And are you finding it difficult to choose between the two? Here’s everything you need to know about 60 vs 65 keyboards.

What are 60% Keyboards?

A 60% keyboard, as you guess, is a keyboard that has 60% the size of a full-size keyboard. That means no Numpad, arrows keys, and other missing keys such as page up and down keys.

60 keyboard
60 keyboard

What are 65% Keyboards?

65% keyboards are 65% the size of full-size keyboards. They may or may not have arrow keys, no numpads, and page up/down keys.

65 keyboard
65% Keyboard

60 vs 65 Keyboard Layouts

65% keyboards are slightly bigger than 60% keyboards and so they might have keys that are not present in 60% keyboards.

For example, a 65% keyboard often has arrows keys that aren’t present in a 60% keyboard. What they have in common though is the absence of a Numpad.

Aside from that, both layouts are similar or the same. Most of the keys are in the same position so there isn’t much of a learning curve when switching from one to another.

Advantages of 60% Keyboards

  • Compact

60% keyboards are one of the smallest keyboards you can find. This makes it easy to carry around with you to work, a friend’s place, or another country.

  • Looks Cool

It has something to do with the small form factor and minimalistic style of a 60% keyboard. It makes set-ups look cooler and cleaner.

Gaming set-ups with 60% keyboards also look cooler than those with full-size keyboards.

  • Saves Desk Space

The 60% keyboard leaves more space for a desk for other things. And if you have a small desk then a 60% keyboard will be perfect for your work or gaming or PC set-up.

Disadvantages of 60% Keyboards

  • Pricey

60% keyboards on average are more expensive than normal mechanical keyboards.

They are somewhat a niche product requiring you to spend more because of the advantages they provide.

  • Takes Sometime To Get Used To

If you have never used a 60% keyboard switching over to one will take some time to get used to. They are no arrow keys and the layout is quite different from the full-size keyboard.

So, you might make some typing errors or mistakenly press keys that you didn’t intend on pressing. Because of this, it takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, this doesn’t take a lot of time.  

  • No Numpad

If you rely heavily on a Numpad. Then a 60% keyboard is not for you. For example, in Blender, a Numpad is very useful in navigation or switching the viewport.

There are so many other examples, that’s why 60% keyboards or not recommended where you use Numpad a lot.

Advantages of 65% Keyboards

  • Compact

Only 5% bigger than a 60% keyboard. You still have a relatively compact device that’s easy to carry or travel with you.

  • Arrow keys

Unlike 60% keyboards that don’t have arrow keys. 65% keyboards have arrows keys which are great news especially if you use them a lot. For keyboards without arrows keys, you have to remap keys to use arrows keys. So, having them already in the layout saves you headaches.

  • Looks Cool

Small and compact keyboards look far cooler than full-size keyboards when it comes to gaming set-ups. They have a minimalistic and clean feel to them making them stand out.

  • Saves Desk Space

Smaller and compact keyboards mean more desk space for other peripherals or objects.

Disadvantages of 65% Keyboards

  • No Numpad

Having no numpad means a no access to functions exclusive to a numpad. You won’t have calculator-style efficiency or miss some functionality in software that requires a Numpad for efficiency.

  • Might Be Pricey

For some reason, 65% keyboards are more expensive on average than full-sized keyboards. Most likely due to style, form factor, and niche.


60% vs 65% Keyboard Comparison

Should I Get A 60 Or 65 Percent Keyboard?

You should get a 65% keyboard because of arrow keys. Some people might not admit it but arrow keys are useful in games and a lot of software. Getting a 60% keyboard means you won’t have arrow keys and might have to do key remapping.

Is A 65% Keyboard Good?

Yes, 65% keyboards are fantastic. They are compact, stylish, minimalistic, and save desk space. Just make sure to get high-quality ones.

Are 60% Keyboards Better?

If you don’t use the arrow keys and Numpad a lot. Then 60% keyboards are better options than full-size keyboards. They are much more compact, stylish, and easy to carry with you.

Are 65% Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Yes, 65% keyboards are good for gaming and are mostly used for that.

Are 65% Keyboards Good For Typing?

All 65% keyboards are mechanical keyboards and have different types of switches.

Mechanical keyboards are known and recommended for long typing sessions because of the tactile feedback, precision, and overall feel when typing.

This allows you to type faster and more accurately making 65% keyboards good for typing.

How Many Switches Should I Buy For A 65 Keyboard?

This depends on you. Every mechanical switch has a different feel and sound when pressed. You can get as many as you like and swap them out for the other anytime you want.

In short, you should buy 2-3 switch types for a 65% keyboard.

Are 60% Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Not necessarily, 60% keyboards are great for gaming but they are not better or the best when it comes to gaming.

Is A 60% Keyboard Too Small?

60% keyboards are the second smallest after 40% keyboards. They are not too small but they are definitely small.

11.25 by 4.25 inches and varying thickness (might not be greater than 3 inches) make it portable and at the same time big enough to contain some of the most important keys.

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