5 Ways To Establish Your Laptop’s Screen Size

By: Editorial Team

Have you been wondering about your laptop’s screen size? Do you want to know how big or small it is? This must be your lucky day because our article will focus on how you can do this. Laptops have different screens with varying sizes and ratios. This is usually a determinant when getting one since most large-screen laptops have a better viewing angle resolution than their counterparts.

However, before we get into our topic of discussion, let’s find out why the size of your laptop’s screen matters.

Why Does Your Laptop’s Screen Size Matter?

Here are some of the reasons why you may have to consider the screen size of a laptop before your purchase:

1. Viewing Angle

The size of your laptop’s monitor dictates its viewing angle, meaning that larger screens have a wider viewing angle than smaller ones. You can, therefore, comfortably see everything on your screen even if you are far away if your laptop has a larger display, which is highly recommended. This allows you to enjoy increased user experience and productivity.

2. Portability

It is obvious that laptops with wider displays are not as easily portable as their counterparts, which can be limiting for many reasons. This is caused by extra screen and keyboard dimensions, leading to a resultant increase in size. You may need a bigger bag or space to enjoy using your laptop.

However, manufacturers are currently compensating for the large sizes of laptops with wider displays by reducing the depth of the devices, leading to a decrease in overall weight. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a shock to find a laptop with a super wide display measuring only 1 inch in depth.

3. Compactness

People who love compactness must consider the screen sizes of the laptops they want before making a purchase. Ones with smaller displays are generally more compact, even though they may not offer the viewing angle people need. Users also get a trimmer physical profile, making these devices lighter and more portable.

4. Working Environment

Your working environment will also determine the right screen size to go for. It would help to have a laptop with a smaller display to enjoy working comfortably in any environment. You will easily get your work done on airplanes or in busy coffee shops without sweat. Also note that laptops with smaller displays generally consume less power than their counterparts, giving you a few more hours of work without having to keep your laptop plugged in.

5. Use Cases

Your laptop’s screen size will determine the level of satisfaction you get in different use cases. Suppose you love streaming or consuming media from your laptop. In that case, you need a larger screen size so that you can enjoy a larger viewing angle and superior detail, which you definitely need for a heightened experience. However, if you mainly use your laptop for some office work, a smaller display will come in handy, given that smaller laptops are easy to carry around and generally consume less power. Now that you understand the importance of a laptop’s screen size let’s see how you can measure it.

Ways Of Establishing Your Laptop’s Screen Size

1. Run A Search For The Laptop’s Model Number On Google

This is one of the easiest ways of establishing the size of your laptop’s screen. You don’t have to lift a finger to measure the screen or learn to take diagonal measurements. The only question you need to answer is, ‘what is my laptop’s model number?’. Once you have it, run a search on Google, and get all the details.  

If you are using a windows laptop, here are some ways to establish your laptop’s model number.

Step-By-Step Guide To Finding The Model Number Of Your Laptop

  • Click on the Start Button, which is normally located at the bottom left end of your device.
  • Once it comes up, type system information in the search box. Note that you can directly type what you need in the search box without clicking on the start button with Windows 11. Just use the search bar next to the start button.
  • A System Information window will come up, offering details about your device. You will find the model number in the system section.
  • Once you have the model number, run a search on Google, and you will get your answer.

It is quite evident that this is a straightforward way of knowing the screen size of your laptop. It won’t take more than five minutes.

2. Perform An Online Laptop Screen Measurement

Did you know that you can easily measure the size of your laptop’s screen on the net? It’s amazing how the internet works, since we get access to lots of information and can perform random operations without a sweat. The only problem is that there are only a few legit websites you can use, as many of them have fake results.

Also, exercise great care since some of these websites may ask you to offer sensitive information to check your laptop’s screen size. You do not want to risk introducing malware to your laptop.

Just go online and use the right keywords to get a website that can help you determine the size of your laptop, i.e., ‘online laptop screen measurements or ‘online websites to measure my laptop’s screen. Try the ones that look professional and do not ask for any vital information that may be used to attack your laptop.

3. Physically Measure Your Laptop’s Screen

This third method involves physically measuring your laptop’s screen using a ruler or tape measure. It will help you know the size of your computer screen in inches and is just as accurate as the first method. We advise using a tape measure instead of a ruler to avoid scratching your screen, given the former’s smooth surface and edges.

You will take the same approach people do when measuring monitors, i.e., measure the diagonal length between the upper right corner and the lower right corner. Do not measure the straight distance between one end of your laptop and the other as it may not be as accurate as you want. Alternatively, measure the distance between the upper left and lower right corners.

Remember to exclude the bezel in your measurement. Most laptops measure 11-17 inches, meaning the value you get should fall in between. Remember, excluding the bezel only applies when measuring your screen size, but is usually necessary when purchasing a screen protection or privacy product for your laptop.

4. Flip Your Laptop And Look At Its Backside

You can easily establish the screen size of a laptop by looking at its backside. Unless removed or destroyed after a given duration, you will always find a sticker with all the major laptop specifications and, in this case, your screen size. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, check the manual that came with your laptop, suggesting that you got a brand new one.

5. Check The Display Settings (Screen Size And Adjustments)

You don’t have to struggle to determine your laptop’s screen size when you can access the display settings. How do you do this? Click on the start button of your laptop and go to settings which will give you several options. Alternatively, you can look at the specifications on the casing of your laptop, that’s if you bought it new.

If you can’t access the casing or the sticker at the backside of your laptop, go to the display settings folder, which will give you your laptop’s features, such as the screen size. Depending on your laptop, you may need to take a step further and try advanced display settings. It’s also possible that your search may give you your computer’s model features and not the screen size, meaning that you may have to go with the first option we discussed. Let’s take a look at how you can navigate this search.

Step-To-Step Guide To Establishing Your Laptop’s Screen Size Through Its Display Settings

  • Click on the Start Button at the lower left end of your computer
  • Go to Settings, which will reveal a list of options. Click on ‘Systems’ to get this list if you are using an older version of Windows.
  • Click on display and then advanced display settings, which will give you details about your screen.

You can also call customer care and ask about your laptop’s screen size. However, note that they may need you to mention the model number or other specifications before furnishing you with the right answer.


The above solutions should help you measure your laptop’s screen without too much struggle. Pick one that works for you, or try all of them and compare your results.


1. What Is The Right Way To Measure My Laptop’s Screen Physically?

If you measure your laptop’s screen physically, ensure that you take a diagonal and not a horizontal/vertical measurement. You also have to ensure that the bezel is excluded from your measurement.

2. Is It Possible To Measure My Laptop’s Screen Size Online?

Yes. Several online websites can help you measure the size of your laptop’s screen. However, ensure that you don’t divulge any sensitive information that may be used to attack you.

3. Does My Laptop’s Screen Size Matter?

Yes. Your laptop’s screen size will determine the convenience you will enjoy during different applications. It is, therefore, important to keep your intended usage in mind when buying one.